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What are the most popular cars in Australia?


We keep track of the top-selling models in the Australian market each month. See which cars Australians buy in the biggest numbers

Every year, around 1 million people purchase a new car in Australia – but which models of car are the most popular with local buyers? Each month, we report on the top-selling cars, SUVs and utes in Australia, keeping track of which vehicles Australians like the most.

Fleets and small business buyers contribute a huge number of purchases in Australia, but private buyers also dictate many of the models that fall in the top ten each month.

Ford Ranger Raptor 2021-11
Ford’s Ranger routinely roughhouses with the Toyota Hilux for top sales honours

Which cars are competing the most fiercely in 2022? Last year, in 2021, the big winners were the Toyota Hilux ute, the Ford Ranger ute, and the Toyota RAV4 midsize SUV.

Most popular cars and utes in Australia: April 2022

The new car market was weak in April 2022, with numbers down a staggering 12 percent when compared to April 2021. Total sales were 81,065 for the month, bringing the 2022 year-to-date tally to 343,501 cars. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) blamed industry shortages, particularly of semiconductors.

In April 2022, the top-ten best selling models were the following:

Four of the top ten vehicles were utes, made up of 4×2 and 4×4 models in all cab styles. Fleet and business sales contribute a significant chunk of ute sales in Australia. Toyota’s Hilux remained firmly on top – in both 4×2 and 4×4 variants – but the incoming T6.2 Ford Ranger upgrade should bolster that model’s performance in coming months.

Supply woes have dented the RAV4’s performance compared to last year

The supply-embattled Toyota RAV4 midsize SUV continued to be Australia’s favourite car (or perhaps ‘non-ute’), but its result represented a huge 25 percent drop when compared to its performance at this time last year, allowing Mazda’s CX-5 to draw near.

While the CX-5 has just been facelifted, the RAV4 is set for significant tech and safety upgrades at the end of 2022.

Both small cars in the top ten – the Corolla and i30 (read our comparison!) – are putting on strong performances this year, defying the general shift to SUVs.

i30 Vs Corolla dynamic 1
Both the Toyota Corolla and Hyundai i30 have outperformed among passenger cars

The biggest winner was the Chinese-made MG ZS small SUV, which nearly broke through 2000 sales in April, while Toyota’s struggle to secure sufficient numbers of Land Cruiser saw the model (which blends the 70 and 300 Series) fall to just 1665 sales – essentially halving its performance compared to last year.

Sales across the total Australian new car market dropped perilously from the March 2022 number (101,233) to just 81,065 for the month of April. All states were down compared to April 2021, especially Western Australia (down 20%) and the ACT (down 14%).

Porsche Taycan 2022 front 3/4
The Porsche Taycan was the top-selling large luxury car in Australia this month

At this point, Australia is not set to exceed the total 2021 sales result of 1.049 million new car deliveries, but there are still eight months to be reported.

The best sellers in April 2022 for each segment were:

SegmentBest-sellerApril 2022 salesGrowth this year
Micro carsKia Picanto555Down 23%
Light SUVsKia Stonic949Up 46%
Light carsMG MG31615Up 34%
Light cars (luxury)Mini hatch108Down 13%
Small SUVsMG ZS1923Up 33%
Small SUVs (luxury)Volvo XC40388Up 16%
Small carsToyota Corolla2202Down 23%
Small cars (luxury)Mercedes-Benz A-Class267Down 26%
Midsize SUVsToyota RAV43373Steady
Midsize SUVs (luxury)Mercedes-Benz GLC397Up 20%
Midsize carsToyota Camry519Steady
Midsize cars (luxury)Mercedes-Benz C-Class477Down 36%
Large SUVsToyota Prado1631Up 72%
Large SUVs (luxury)BMW X5184Down 21%
Large carsKia Stinger316Up 53%
Large cars (luxury)Porsche Taycan58Down 20%
Upper large SUVsToyota Land Cruiser829Down 60%
Upper large SUVs (luxury)Lexus LX80Down 49%
Upper large carsChrysler 30013Down 14%
Upper large cars (luxury)Mercedes-Benz S-Class14Down 19%
People moversKia Carnival483Down 15%
People movers (luxury)Mercedes-Benz V-Class23Up 19%
Sports carsFord Mustang97Down 43%
Sports cars (luxury)BMW 4 Series58Down 15%
Sports cars (high-end)Porsche 91140Up 29%
Small vansRenault Kangoo73Up 139%
Large vansToyota Hiace657Up 4%
Utes (4×2)Toyota Hilux 4×21052Up 15%
Utes (4×4)Toyota Hilux 4×43441Up 2%

Next update coming in early June

We’ll report Australian sales numbers for May 2022 early next month as we approach the bumper end of financial year month in June.