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Top 100 most popular cars in Australia in 2023: every best selling vehicle


The final results are in for 2023, and below, we’ve listed the top 100 most popular cars in Australia last year. The headline result: as some predicted, the Ford Ranger ute beat the Toyota Hilux for the best-selling crown in 2023 by a solid margin of 2245 deliveries.

Keep in mind these numbers show us how many cars were delivered to customers in 2023. They aren’t orders or registrations, but deliveries. And, more than anything, they show that Australians took delivery of a lot of utes in 2023.

Volkswagen Amarok Ford Ranger 2024 comparison-1
Utes were the second-most popular category of new vehicle in Australia in 2023

In fact, utes accounted for a massive 19.7 percent of new vehicles delivered in Australia in 2023 – although midsize SUVs remain the type of car preferred by Aussie buyers overall, raking in 22.1% of all sales.

Without further ado, here are the top 100 top-selling cars in Australia by deliveries in 2023.

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The hottest contest of the car market in 2023 was between the Ford Ranger and the Toyota Hilux. The Hilux has been the number-one seller for years but both strong supply of and demand for Ford’s new T6.2 Ranger line-up was good enough to best Toyota.

1123 Ford Ranger Raptor with OFFROTY 2023 award
The Ford Ranger Raptor won the Chasing Cars Off-Roader of the Year 2023 award

Chasing Cars recently crowned the Ford Ranger Raptor Off-Roader of the Year 2023, though the 3.0-litre turbo petrol V6 Raptor model is just the head of a massive range encompassing permutations of single and double cab, RWD and 4WD, and various four- and six-cylinder engines.

Second most popular car: Toyota Hilux (61,111 deliveries)

While Ford managed to deliver 2245 more Rangers than Toyota waved goodbye to Hiluxes in 2023, the Toyota arrived in a close second place – still way ahead of the third-placed vehicle, the Isuzu D-Max ute.

The Hilux is ageing, but a raft of upgrades kept it in a close second place

In many ways, it’s still a deeply impressive result given the current, eighth-generation Toyota Hilux is turning nine years old in 2024. It’s a workhorse in the ute range, built around huge sales of both low-spec and high-tier trim grades including the top-shelf Hilux GR Sport.

Third most popular car: Isuzu D-Max (31,202 deliveries)

Third place is a very solid result for the Isuzu D-Max – though it’s incredible that the bronze medal went to a vehicle that had around half the deliveries of the silver-placed Hilux. For Isuzu, the well-liked D-Max traded on a recent modernisation plus the durability value of its 1.9- and 3.0-litre diesel four-cylinder engines.

Isuzu D-Max LS-U+ 2023 Zak
The D-Max is a well-liked workhorse, including at Chasing Cars

2024 will bring a range of further tweaks and upgrades to the D-Max, including interior infotainment improvements, so we’ll be watching the Isuzu’s next sales year campaign closely.

Fourth most popular car: Toyota RAV4 (29,627 deliveries)

We have to scroll all the way to fourth place to find a vehicle that isn’t a ute – what a sign of the times. The Toyota RAV4 remained Australia’s favourite SUV despite a precipitous drop in sales of 15 percent when compared to 2022 as supply of Toyota’s popular hybrid vehicles remained very tight in 2023.

Toyota RAV4 Cruiser FWD Hybrid 2022 front 3/4 2
Deliveries slipped 15 percent, but the RAV4 remained Australia’s favourite SUV

It’s also hard to believe the current RAV4 is coming up on six years old in 2024, indicating its replacement won’t be far off – even though markups occasionally remain, and tens of thousands of current orders remain in the system, awaiting fulfilment by Toyota.

Fifth most popular car: MG ZS (29,258 deliveries)

The Chinese-built MG ZS small SUV was nipping right on the heels of the larger Toyota RAV4 and placed fifth in the deliveries charts in 2023. MG has built out a varied ZS range from very affordable (and very basic) entry-level models through to an EV model offering reasonable range and packaging.

MG ZS EV long range 2023 driving
The MG ZS has waged an impressive campaign to rise to fifth place in Australia

That said, the MG ZS is way off the pace of general refinement when compared to MG’s own MG4 model (87th place, 3134 deliveries in 2023), and we’d love to see the ZS updated to reflect what we now know this brand can actually achieve when it comes to quality and dynamics.

Sixth most popular car: Tesla Model Y (28,769 deliveries)

Australia’s most popular electric vehicle (EV) in 2023 was – easily! – the Tesla Model Y midsize SUV, which, like the MG ZS, almost overwhelmed the Toyota RAV4. Staggeringly successful in converting vast numbers of Aussie families to fully-electric motoring, the Model Y is available in a range of specifications locally.

2023 Tesla Model Y Performance red side driving
Easily Australia’s top-selling EV was the Tesla Model Y

And Tesla isn’t stopping yet. A similarly extensive upgrade to that recently seen on the Model 3 sedan (14th place, 17346 deliveries) will be applied to the Model Y next year, promising more attractive styling, comfier ride quality and improved quality inside.

Seventh most popular car: Mitsubishi Outlander (24,263 deliveries)

It was a bumper year for the well-sized Mitsubishi Outlander midsize SUV lineup, which includes petrol engines and a useful plug-in hybrid offering about 70km of real world range. Chasing Cars ran a current-gen Outlander PHEV as a long-term test vehicle in 2023 and were reasonably impressed with it.

In seventh place: the flexible Mitsubishi Outlander

The Outlander is one of the few vehicles in its class to offer three rows of seating, and that feature is standard on many of the grades offered in Australia – all while being one of the most affordable SUVs in its class. 

Eighth most popular car: Mazda CX-5 (23,083 deliveries)

Even though it will celebrate its seventh birthday in 2024, the second-gen Mazda CX-5 continues to be one of the country’s most successful midsize SUV models. Even though sales were down 15 percent in 2023, the CX-5 romped home in eighth place off the back of an attractive recent facelift.

Mazda CX-5 GT SP Turbo 2023 driving rear
The CX-5 is one of the older SUVs in its class, but it remains popular with Australians

But there are murky waters ahead for the CX-5. With the ageing process becoming clearer and Mazda very busy with the complex launch of a range of luxury SUVs led by the CX-60 (90th place, 2779 deliveries), it will be interesting to watch and see if Mazda continues to pay attention to the buyers of its most popular model. Perhaps a shift to the CX-50 model is in on the cards, finally.

Ninth most popular car: Hyundai Tucson (21,224 deliveries)

Early supply problems appear to be easing for the Hyundai Tucson, which finally hit its stride in 2023 with more than 21K deliveries earning it a very respectable ninth place, comfortably ahead of its cousin – the Kia Sportage (18th place, 15,747 deliveries).

Hyundai Tucson Elite N Line Diesel 2022 Front 3/4
As supply picked up, the Tucson hit its stride in 2023

Plus, while the Tucson line-up in Australia is very broad, Hyundai is set to expand desirability further in 2024 by adding a hybrid powertrain accompanied by a subtle exterior facelift and more expansive interior upgrade this year.

Tenth most popular car: Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (20,710 deliveries)

Even as Toyota prepares to launch the retro-cool next-gen Prado in Australia later in 2024, the fourth-gen J150 Prado has continued to soldier on very successfully in this market, with its 20,710 deliveries seeing it park in tenth place in the sales charts.

4WD Megatest Toyota Prado GXL front 3/4
The J150 Prado has been around since 2009 – but its sales have remained very strong

The Prado is reliable, easy to live with and not too outrageously priced, seeing it land well ahead of the 300 Series and 70 Series wagons (21st place, 15,035 deliveries) in terms of overall success. And we know Toyota dealers are already taking deposits on the next-gen J250 model which looks ace.

Top 100 best-selling cars in Australia in 2023

#ModelSegment2023 deliveriesChange vs 2022
1Ford RangerUte63,356Up 33%
2Toyota HiluxUte61,111Down 5%
3Isuzu D-MaxUte31,202Up 28%
4Toyota RAV4Midsize SUV29,627Down 15%
5MG ZSSmall SUV29,258Up 30%
6Tesla Model YMidsize SUV28,769Up 230%
7Mitsubishi OutlanderMidsize SUV24,263Up 24%
8Mazda CX-5Midsize SUV23,083Down 15%
9Hyundai TucsonMidsize SUV21,224Up 19%
10Toyota PradoLarge SUV20,710Down 2%
11Hyundai i30Small car20,626Down 3%
12Toyota CorollaSmall car19,986Down 21%
13Mazda BT-50Ute17,526Up 35%
14Tesla Model 3Large car17,347Up 59%
15Mitsubishi TritonUte16,641Down 39%
16Subaru ForesterMidsize SUV16,381Up 54%
17Mazda CX-3Small SUV15,776Up 32%
18Kia SportageMidsize SUV15,747Down 16%
19MG MG3Small car15,430Down 5%
20Ford EverestLarge SUV15,071Up 46%
21Toyota Land CruiserLarge SUV15,035Up 14%
22Isuzu MU-XLarge SUV14,139Up 29%
23Mazda CX-30Small SUV13,115Down 6%
24Subaru OutbackLarge car12,903Up 32%
25Nissan X-TrailMidsize SUV12,861Up 62%
26Toyota 70 Series uteUte11,414Up 0.1%
27Kia CarnivalVan11,312Up 40%
28Haval JolionSmall SUV11,252Up 37%
29Hyundai KonaSmall SUV11,183Down 3%
30BYD Atto 3Small SUV11,042Up 423%
31Toyota CamryLarge car10,581Up 11%
32Kia SeltosSmall SUV10,473Up 23%
33GWM Cannon UteUte9616Up 23%
34Mitsubishi ASXSmall SUV9176Down 28%
35LDV T60Ute9106Up 53%
36Mazda 3Small car9079Down 6%
37Subaru CrosstrekSmall SUV8991New
38Haval H6Midsize SUV8971Up 28%
39Volkswagen T-RocSmall SUV8943Up 147%
40Nissan NavaraUte8499Down 19%
41Kia SorentoLarge SUV8366Up 6%
42MG HSMidsize SUV8126Down 26%
43Toyota Corolla CrossSmall SUV7932Up 209%
44Nissan PatrolLarge SUV7812Up 36%
45Honda CR-VMidsize SUV7808Down 4%
46Mitsubishi Eclipse CrossSmall SUV7786Up 30%
47Kia PicantoSmall car7706Up 48%
48Volkswagen TiguanMidsize SUV7298Up 175%
49Toyota HiaceVan7133Down 18%
50Kia StonicSmall SUV6983Down 18%
51Suzuki SwiftSmall car6914Up 57%
52Lexus NXMidsize SUV6875Up 104%
53Volkswagen AmarokUte6626Up 47%
54Nissan QashqaiSmall SUV6614Up 1120%
55Toyota Yaris CrossSmall SUV6514Down 23%
56Hyundai VenueSmall SUV6152Down 4%
57Hyundai Santa FeLarge SUV6033Up 31%
58RAM 1500Ute5922Up 8%
59Volvo XC40Small SUV5837Up 14%
60Kia CeratoSmall car5795Down 53%
61Volkswagen T-CrossSmall SUV5762Up 12%
62Mitsubishi Pajero SportLarge SUV5547Down 37%
63Mazda CX-8Large SUV5409Down 9%
64Chery Omoda 5Small SUV5370New
65Mazda 2Small car5181Up 1%
66Suzuki JimnySmall SUV5002Down 12%
67Toyota C-HRSmall SUV4786Down 40%
68Mazda CX-9Large SUV4696Down 27%
69BMW X1Small SUV4644Up 92%
70Volkswagen Tiguan AllspaceMidsize SUV4543Up 17%
71Audi Q3Small SUV4457Down 12%
72Audi Q5Midsize SUV4210Up 31%
73Haval H6 GTMidsize SUV4100Up 106%
74Kia RioSmall car4067Down 11%
75BMW X3Midsize SUV4002Down 12%
76Land Rover DefenderLarge SUV3846Up 137%
77Hyundai PalisadeLarge SUV3770Down 6%
78BMW X5Large SUV3682Up 18%
79LDV G10Van3638Up 15%
80Mercedes-Benz GLCMidsize SUV3631Down 16%
81Toyota FortunerLarge SUV3619Down 22%
82Volkswagen GolfSmall car3592Up 11%
83Ssangyong MussoUte3491Up 78%
84LDV D90Van3341Up 5%
85Audi A3Small car3319Up 57%
86BMW 3 SeriesLarge car3147Up 12%
87MG MG4Small car3134New
88Porsche MacanSports SUV2925Up 7%
89Ford Transit CustomVan2843Up 66%
90Mazda CX-60Midsize SUV2779New
91Renault KoleosMidsize SUV2776Up 9%
92Lexus RXLarge SUV2743Up 103%
93Subaru WRXSports car2743Up 15%
94Mercedes-Benz C-ClassLarge car2625Down 26%
95Volvo XC60Midsize SUV2542Down 27%
96Mercedes-Benz GLELarge SUV2535Down 18%
97Hyundai Staria LoadVan2497Down 24%
98Lexus UXSmall SUV2468Up 111%
99Polestar 2Large car2463Up 62%
100MG MG5Large car2398New