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New car calendar 2024: every new model coming out this year!


Look no further than our in-depth guide to every new vehicle being released or significantly upgraded in the coming year

Are you wondering what new cars will be revealed or released soon? The Chasing Cars New Car Calendar is a convenient guide that lists every new car launching over the course of this year – and the first few months of the following year too.

We compile this list from our extensive network of industry contacts and sources and update it with new information as we receive it.

Australia is one of the most competitive new car markets in the world, and in 2024, we expect somewhere around 150 new cars or variants to launch!

Want to know which car models sell most strongly in Australia? Check out our detailed Top 100 most popular cars guide.

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Sections of this new car calendar

You can use these quick links to jump straight to the segment you’re most interested in – or just browse the entire list of new cars coming soon below.

EVERY new car coming out in 2024 (the full list)

First quarter of 2024 (January to March)

Ford Mustang GT 2024 front 3/4
The new-gen Ford Mustang will be one of the first big-ticket arrivals of 2024
Hyundai Ioniq 5 N 2023 front 3/4
Soon after will be the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N
Mitsubishi Triton prototype 2024 front
An all-new Mitsubishi Triton launches in the first quarter of 2024
The next-generation Subaru Forester arrives soon

Second quarter of 2024 (April to June)

Audi Q4 E-tron 2022 front 3/4
The Audi Q4 SUV will be the brand’s most affordable EV yet
Australia will receive the Lexus GX for the first time

Third quarter of 2024 (July to September)

Hyundai i30 N 2021 rear 3/4
The Hyundai i30 N will come in for a second facelift
2024 Mini Countryman side angle driving on road 2
The not-so-small Mini Countryman is set to gain EV variants this year

Fourth quarter of 2024 (October to December)

  • Cadillac Lyriq: designed for right-hand drive, this American luxury EV will be sold in “exclusive” volumes at first (confirmed)
  • Ford F-150 facelift: an even beefier front end is among other aesthetic changes that will eventually filter to Australia’s RHD subassembly
The cheerful Volkswagen ID Buzz EV should hit before the end of the year

Sometime in 2024

  • Alfa Romeo Milano reveal: Q1 reveal for small electric and hybrid SUV shares Jeep Avenger underpinnings
  • Audi Q3 reveal: most successful Audi model in Australia to be fully renewed, and we might see it this year
  • Audi Q5 reveal: third-gen luxury SUV might be sighted before the end of 2024
Audi Q6 E-tron front 3/4
The Audi Q6 will usher in a new platform developed with Porsche
  • Audi Q6 E-tron reveal: sharing its chassis with the electric Porsche Macan, the Q6 will drop all camo in Q1
  • Audi Q7 facelift #2: popular family SUV to get its second facelift to grant a newer lease on life
  • BMW M5 and M5 Touring: near-certainty that rapid plug-in hybrid V8 will come to Australia in both sedan and wagon forms
  • BMW X3 reveal: next-gen X3 will return with petrol and hybrid power, plus a fully-electric variant is reprised
  • BYD midsize SUV: Australia will finally get a larger BYD crossover – but the model and 2024 reveal month aren’t known
  • BYD ute model: PHEV petrol-electric engine for BYD’s first attempt at the critical pick-up segment in Australia
  • Cupra Leon ST wagon: swift Spanish wagon with petrol or hybrid power being studied closely for 2024 drop (overseas first drive review)
  • Cupra Born, Formentor & Leon facelifts: unusually, Cupra previewed these 2024 or 2025 facelifts in 2022… they haven’t been seen again
2024 BYD ute patent image front 3/4
EV disruptor BYD is set to introduce a ute…with plug-in hybrid power
GWM Shanhai Cannon spotted near CC headquarters front 3/4
Meanwhile, GWM’s Shanhai mule parked outside our office…
Electric power will take the G-Wagen’s capabilities to new heights
Subaru Outback Wilderness 2022-4
Subaru will add ruggedness to the Outback with a new Wilderness trim
  • Toyota BZ3X: compact SUV slots under BZ4X and we’ll likely see it this year, but it predates Toyota’s 2026 EV platform
  • Volvo EX60: crucial midsize Volvo electric SUV is nearly complete – so we may see it for the first time this year

Very late 2024, but more likely in 2025

  • Cupra Tavascan: we might drive the Tavascan in 2024 but the fully-electric Curpa SUV will land in Australia in 2025
  • Peugeot e-3008: all-new 3008 punches towards high EV efficiency with new Stellantis platform (confirmed)
  • Toyota RAV4 reveal: covers might be pulled off sixth-gen RAV4 this year, but more likely early next
  • Volkswagen Tiguan: we’ll see much more of the new Tiguan this year but it’s likely to land in Australia first thing in 2025 (explainer)

New SUVs coming out in 2024

In 2024, Chasing Cars is expecting a staggering NINETY new SUV models, facelifts or big updates to launch in Australia, indicating just how strong the SUV market is compared to traditional cars. In 2023, SUVs accounted for nearly 60 percent of all new vehicles sold.

The new Toyota Prado is a retro-tastic shake-up
ModelWhat’s changed?Release date
BMW iX1 sDrive20New variantJan-Mar 2024
BMW X2 and iX2New generationJan-Mar 2024
GWM Tank 500New modelJan-Mar 2024
Hyundai Ioniq 5 NNew variantJan-Mar 2024
Jeep WranglerFaceliftJan-Mar 2024
Kia SorentoFaceliftJan-Mar 2024
Kia SportageHybrid addedJan-Mar 2024
Peugeot 408New modelJan-Mar 2024
Range Rover SVNew variantJan-Mar 2024
Range Rover Sport SVRNew variantJan-Mar 2024
Range Rover EvoqueUpdateJan-Mar 2024
Renault Megane E-TechNew modelJan-Mar 2024
Subaru SolterraNew modelJan-Mar 2024
Subaru ForesterNew generationJan-Mar 2024
Toyota BZ4XNew modelJan-Mar 2024
Toyota C-HRNew generationJan-Mar 2024
Volkswagen TouaregFaceliftJan-Mar 2024
Volvo EX30New modelJan-Mar 2024
Audi Q4 E-tronNew modelApr-Jun 2024
Audi Q8 E-tron 50New variantApr-Jun 2024
Audi SQ8 E-tronNew variantApr-Jun 2024
Chery Omoda 5 EVEV addedApr-Jun 2024
Genesis GV80FaceliftApr-Jun 2024
Hyundai Ioniq 7New modelApr-Jun 2024
Hyundai Santa FeNew generationApr-Jun 2024
Kia EV6FaceliftApr-Jun 2024
Isuzu MU-XUpdateApr-Jun 2024
Lexus GXNew modelApr-Jun 2024
Lotus EletreNew modelApr-Jun 2024
Polestar 3New modelApr-Jun 2024
Volkswagen Touareg RNew variantApr-Jun 2024
Volvo EX90New modelApr-Jun 2024
Chery Tiggo Pro 8New modelJul-Sep 2024
Hyundai TucsonFaceliftJul-Sep 2024
Hyundai TucsonHybrid addedJul-Sep 2024
Jeep AvengerNew modelJul-Sep 2024
Lexus LBXNew modelJul-Sep 2024
Mini CountrymanNew generationJul-Sep 2024
Polestar 4New modelJul-Sep 2024
Skoda EnyaqNew modelJul-Sep 2024
Skoda KamiqFaceliftJul-Sep 2024
Toyota PradoNew generationJul-Sep 2024
Volkswagen ID4New modelJul-Sep 2024
Volkswagen ID5New modelJul-Sep 2024
Cadillac LyriqNew modelOct-Dec 2024
Ford Puma EVEV addedOct-Dec 2024
Mercedes-AMG GLC43New variantOct-Dec 2024
Mercedes-AMG GLC63New variantOct-Dec 2024
Volkswagen T-CrossFaceliftOct-Dec 2024
Audi Q5New-gen revealIn 2024
Audi Q7FaceliftIn 2024
BMW X3New-gen revealIn 2024
BYD midsize SUVNew modelIn 2024
Cupra FormentorFacelift revealIn 2024
Genesis GV90RevealIn 2024
Hyundai Ioniq 5Facelift revealIn 2024
Hyundai Casper EVRevealIn 2024
Jeep ReconRevealIn 2024
Kia EV5New modelIn 2024
Maserati Grecale FolgoreEV addedIn 2024
Mazda CX-70RevealIn 2024
Mazda CX-80New modelIn 2024
Mazda CX-90PHEV addedIn 2024
Mercedes-Benz EQCNew generationIn 2024
Mercedes-Benz EQGNew modelIn 2024
MG HSFaceliftIn 2024
Mitsubishi Pajero SportRevealIn 2024
Nissan AriyaNew modelIn 2024
Peugeot e-2008FaceliftIn 2024
Porsche Macan EVRevealIn 2024
Ssangyong TorresNew modelIn 2024
Suzuki FronxNew modelIn 2024
Toyota BZ3XRevealIn 2024
Volvo EX60RevealIn 2024
Cupra TavascanNew model2025
Peugeot e-3008New generation2025
Toyota RAV4New generation2025
Volkswagen TiguanNew generation2025

New utes coming out in 2024

Utes and pick-ups have very long development cycles, so they are refreshed less often when compared with SUVs or regular cars. As a result, we’re only expecting about 10 utes to undergo updates this year that you need to know about.

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross 2024 front
The Isuzu D-Max will get a light facelift and some new tech in 2024
ModelWhat’s changed?Release date
Jeep GladiatorFaceliftJan-Mar 2024
Mitsubishi TritonNew generationJan-Mar 2024
Toyota TundraNew modelJan-Mar 2024
Isuzu D-MaxUpdateApr-Jun 2024
Toyota Hilux 48-voltMild hybrid addedApr-Jun 2024
Ford F-150FaceliftOct-Dec 2024
BYD ute modelRevealIn 2024
GWM Cannon ShanhaiNew modelIn 2024
Ford Ranger PHEVPHEV addedEarly 2025
Volkswagen E-AmarokEV added2025

New EVs coming out in 2024

In a sure sign of the growth of demand for EVs in Australia, about 50 new electric models will launch or be updated significantly in 2024. The new EVs you need to know about range from sedans, to sports cars, to four-wheel drives.

2024 Volkswagen ID4 front 3/4 charging
The cavalry will finally arrive for Volkswagen with a cache of new EVs
ModelSegmentRelease date
Abarth 500eHot hatchJan-Mar 2024
BMW iX1 sDrive20Small SUVJan-Mar 2024
BMW iX2Small SUVJan-Mar 2024
BYD Dolphin SportHot hatchJan-Mar 2024
Hyundai Ioniq 5 NSports SUVJan-Mar 2024
Peugeot e-208Small carJan-Mar 2024
Renault Megane E-TechSmall SUVJan-Mar 2024
Subaru SolterraMidsize SUVJan-Mar 2024
Toyota BZ4XMidsize SUVJan-Mar 2024
Volvo EX30Small SUVJan-Mar 2024
Audi Q4 E-tronMidsize SUVApr-Jun 2024
Audi Q8 E-tron 50Large SUVApr-Jun 2024
Audi SQ8 E-tronSports SUVApr-Jun 2024
Chery Omoda 5 EVSmall SUVApr-Jun 2024
Kia EV6 faceliftMidsize SUVApr-Jun 2024
Lotus EletreSports SUVApr-Jun 2024
Polestar 3Large SUVApr-Jun 2024
Volvo EX90Large SUVApr-Jun 2024
Genesis G80 EV faceliftLarge carJul-Sep 2024
Mini Cooper ESmall carJul-Sep 2024
Mini Countryman ESmall SUVJul-Sep 2024
Polestar 4Midsize SUVJul-Sep 2024
Skoda EnyaqMidsize SUVJul-Sep 2024
Volkswagen ID4Midsize SUVJul-Sep 2024
Volkswagen ID5Midsize SUVJul-Sep 2024
Cadillac LyriqLarge SUVOct-Dec 2024
Ford Puma EVSmall SUVOct-Dec 2024
MG CybersterConvertibleOct-Dec 2024
Volkswagen ID BuzzPassenger vanOct-Dec 2024
Volkswagen ID Buzz CargoCommercial vanOct-Dec 2024
BYD midsize SUVMidsize SUVIn 2024
Cupra Born faceliftHot hatchIn 2024
Hyundai Ioniq 5 faceliftMidsize SUVIn 2024
Hyundai CasperSmall SUVIn 2024
Jeep ReconMidsize SUVIn 2024
Kia EV5Midsize SUVIn 2024
Maserati Grecale FolgoreSports SUVIn 2024
Mercedes-Benz EQCMidsize SUVIn 2024
Mercedes-Benz EQG4WDIn 2024
Nissan AriyaMidsize SUVIn 2024
Peugeot e-2008 faceliftSmall SUVIn 2024
Peugeot e-308Small carIn 2024
Porsche Macan EVSports SUVIn 2024
Tesla Model Y faceliftMidsize SUVIn 2024
Toyota BZ3XSmall SUVIn 2024
Volvo EX60Midsize SUVIn 2024
Cupra TavascanMidsize SUVIn 2025
Peugeot e-3008Midsize SUVIn 2025

New hybrids coming out in 2024

The market for new hybrids – dominated for so long by Toyota in Australia – will open up a little more in 2024 with new entrants from other manufacturers. However, the number of new hybrids pales in comparison to the number of new full EVs.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2024 driving highway 2
The striking new Hyundai Santa Fe prioritises its hybrid powertrain
ModelSegmentHybrid typeRelease date
GWM Tank 5004WDHEVJan-Mar 2024
Hyundai i30 sedanSmall carHEVJan-Mar 2024
Kia Sorento faceliftLarge SUVHEVJan-Mar 2024
Kia Sorento faceliftLarge SUVPHEVJan-Mar 2024
Kia SportageMidsize SUVHEVJan-Mar 2024
Mercedes-AMG C63Sports sedanPHEVJan-Mar 2024
Subaru ForesterMidsize SUVHEVJan-Mar 2024
Toyota C-HRSmall SUVHEVJan-Mar 2024
Toyota TundraLarge uteHEVJan-Mar 2024
Hyundai Santa FeLarge SUVHEVApr-Jun 2024
Toyota Hilux 48-voltUteMHEVApr-Jun 2024
Volkswagen Touareg RSports SUVPHEVApr-Jun 2024
Hyundai TucsonMidsize SUVHEVJul-Sep 2024
Lexus LBXSmall SUVHEVJul-Sep 2024
Mercedes-AMG GLC63Sports SUVPHEVOct-Dec 2024
BYD ute modelUtePHEVIn 2024
Cupra Leon SW VZeSports carPHEVIn 2024
GWM Shanhai CannonUteHEVIn 2024
Mazda CX-80Large SUVPHEVIn 2024
Mazda CX-90Large SUVPHEVIn 2024
MG HS faceliftMidsize SUVPHEVIn 2024
Peugeot 508 faceliftLarge carPHEVIn 2024
Toyota CorollaSmall carHEVIn 2025
Toyota RAV4Midsize carHEVIn 2025

New small cars & hatchbacks coming in 2024

There is still some choice if you don’t want an SUV – Chasing Cars is expecting somewhere between 15 and 20 small cars and hatchbacks to be launched in Australia in 2024, or at least to undergo significant changes.

2024 Kia Picanto GT-Line rear 3/4
The upgraded Picanto will still be one of Australia’s best-value cars
ModelWhat’s changed?Release date
Abarth 500eNew modelJan-Mar 2024
BYD Dolphin SportNew variantJan-Mar 2024
Hyundai i30 sedan hybridHybrid addedJan-Mar 2024
Kia PicantoFaceliftJan-Mar 2024
Mazda MX-5FaceliftJan-Mar 2024
Peugeot e-208New modelJan-Mar 2024
Subaru ImprezaNew generationJan-Mar 2024
MG3FaceliftApr-Jun 2024
Skoda ScalaFaceliftApr-Jun 2024
Suzuki SwiftNew generationApr-Jun 2024
Hyundai i30 hatchUpdateJul-Sep 2024
Hyundai i30 NFaceliftJul-Sep 2024
Lexus LBXNew modelJul-Sep 2024
Mini CooperNew generationJul-Sep 2024
Cupra LeonFaceliftIn 2024
Hyundai Casper EVNew modelIn 2024
Peugeot e-308New modelIn 2024
Suzuki FronxNew modelIn 2024

New performance cars coming in 2024

The market for sports cars and sports SUVs remains relatively rich in Australia – we are one of the world’s top performance vehicle-loving nations by sales volume. Whether you’re after a petrol, electric or hybrid sporty car, a number are on their way.

The new C63 swaps a traditional V8 for plug-in power. Will it work out?
ModelSegmentFuelRelease date
Abarth 500eHot hatchElectricJan-Mar 2024
BMW X2 M35iSports SUVPetrolJan-Mar 2024
BYD Dolphin SportHot hatchElectricJan-Mar 2024
Ford MustangMuscle carPetrolJan-Mar 2024
Hyundai Ioniq 5 NSports SUVElectricJan-Mar 2024
Mazda MX-5LightweightElectricJan-Mar 2024
Mercedes-AMG C63Sports sedanPlug-in hybridJan-Mar 2024
Range Rover SVSports SUVPetrolJan-Mar 2024
Range Rover Sport SVRSports SUVPetrolJan-Mar 2024
Audi SQ8 E-tronSports SUVElectricApr-Jun 2024
Kia EV6 GT faceliftSports SUVElectricApr-Jun 2024
Lotus EletreSports SUVElectricApr-Jun 2024
Polestar 3 PerformanceSports SUVElectricApr-Jun 2024
Volkswagen Touareg RSports SUVPlug-in hybridApr-Jun 2024
Hyundai i30 N faceliftHot hatchPetrolJul-Sep 2024
Mercedes-AMG GTMuscle carPetrolJul-Sep 2024
Mini Cooper SEHot hatchElectricJul-Sep 2024
Polestar 4 PerformanceSports SUVElectricJul-Sep 2024
Mercedes-AMG GLC43Sports SUVPetrolOct-Dec 2024
Mercedes-AMG GLC63Sports SUVPlug-in hybridOct-Dec 2024
MG CybersterConvertibleElectricOct-Dec 2024
Cupra Leon SWFast estatePetrol or PHEVIn 2024
Maserati Grecale FolgoreSports SUVElectricIn 2024
Nissan Z NismoCoupePetrolIn 2024
Porsche Macan EVSports SUVElectricIn 2024

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