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MG Cyberster 2024: drop-top electric sports car confirmed for Australia


The Chinese roadster packs up to 400kW and is claimed to hit 100km/h in under four seconds 

MG has finally revealed its long awaited Cyberster electric sports car, representing the brand’s first coupe since the MG F was discontinued back in 2011. And it’s coming to Australia. 

The official unveiling of the Cyberster comes just a few weeks after images and specifications were first leaked online by the Chinese government in patent filings. 

2023 MG Cyberster convertible top half down side angle
A folding soft-top roof comes standard on the Cyberster

A spokesperson from MG Australia has confirmed that the Cyberster will be landing in Australia at some point, although the details surrounding its arrival remain unclear. 

“I can confirm that we will be bringing the MG Cyberster to the Australian and New Zealand market and hope to have more exciting news to share around this in due course,” they said. 

In terms of timing, the Cyberster might likely arrive down under after it debuts in Europe and the UK, which is rumoured to be around the middle of 2024.

2023 MG Cyberster front end view static red
The Cyberster packs up to 400kW in its most lavish grade

Once it does arrive in Oz, it’s likely that the Cyberster will occupy quite a niche spot in the market as an electric sports car from a mainstream manufacturer. The Maserati GranTurismo Folgore and the Tesla Roadster are the only two other vehicles set to also occupy this segment. 

Single- and dual-motor variants to be offered

Though MG is yet to reveal any specific details regarding Cyberster’s powertrain, the aforementioned patent filing provides some insight on what to expect. 

In entry-level form, the Cyberster looks set to be powered by a single motor on the rear axle producing 231kW. 

2023 MG Cyberster drop top down view
A bold red leather interior matches the intense exterior of the Cyberster

A higher-spec dual-motor variant will also be offered with a 150kW motor on the front and a 250kW motor on the rear axle. 

As for performance, the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive Cyberster should be able to hit 100km/h from a standing start in less than four seconds. 

Top speeds sit at 193km/h for the rear-drive Cyberster, with a 200km/h peak velocity for the all-wheel-drive version. 

Scissor door an exterior highlight

As shown in the official Cyberster imagery released by MG, the roadster gets a pair of scissor doors that open in a similar fashion to those featured on the Maserati MC20

2023 MG Cyberster front 3/4 static red
Scissor doors give the Cyberster a very upmarket aesthetic

Though pricing is yet to be released by MG, these doors are usually reserved for very expensive sports cars, so this Cyberster could be a first in that regard. 

As for the rest of the car, these official images don’t show anything we haven’t seen before, with its aggressive styling, large alloy wheels, and folding soft top roof. 

At 4535mm long, 1913mm wide and 1329mm high, the Cyberster is closer in size to a Porsche 911 than it is a smaller Mazda MX-5. 

The same goes for its weight, but with batteries onboard, this should come as less of a surprise. In its heaviest, dual-motor form, the Cyberster looks set to tip the scales at 1985kg, which is almost on par with a Lexus LC500.

2023 MG Cyberster interior leak image
A leaked image previously revealed the Cyberster’s yoke steering wheel

Steering wheel replaces yoke

One of the most notable aspects of the Cyberster is that early images revealed a Tesla-like steering yoke. This looks to have been swapped out for a traditional circular wheel in the latest official images, though the form of the wheel is yet to be confirmed. 

Like the concept, a pair of displays look to be mounted on the dash, with the one directly behind the steering wheel handling driving displays, and an infotainment screen to the side of it. 

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