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Which new cars have the longest warranty in Australia?


Warranties in Australia range from as little as three years to up to ten years depending on the automaker 

Warranty is something you should be well aware of when you buy your new car. It offers the security and confidence that if there is a fault with your vehicle, the manufacturer will front the costs to fix or replace parts needed to get your new car back on the road.

But which manufacturer in Australia has the longest warranty for new car buyers?

With EVs on the rise, it’s worth noting that manufacturers often offer separate ‘battery warranties’ on these new cars. Most of the time, it’ll be around eight years and 160,000km, but this can vary.

BMW M2 2023 driving front 3/4 close
BMW offers a five year/unlimited kilometre warranty

It’s also worth pointing out that rust and corrosion warranties are very common and can sometimes be longer than the standard car warranty. 

As always, it’s best you check on the manufacturer’s Australian website before purchasing a vehicle and read the fine print, but here are the main facts you need to know. 

We’ve compiled a list of all the warranties which you can see down below.

Ferrari only offers a short three-year/unlimited kilometre warranty

The longest and shortest new car warranties in Australia 

As of September 2023, the longest warranty in Australia is the Mitsubishi 10 year warranty, however the catch is that it is limited to 200,000 kilometres and owners need to have the vehicle serviced at a Mitsubishi dealership every single time, otherwise the coverage only lasts for five-years or 100,000km, whichever comes first.

The next longest warranties are from Skoda, Kia, MG and GWM which all offer a seven year/unlimited kilometre warranty for their new cars. 

4WD Megatest Mitsubishi Pajero Sport GSR 2023 front 3/4 track
Mitsubishi offers a very impressive ten year warranty, but read the fine print!

Most of the remaining new car warranties in Australia sit at five year/unlimited kilometres. Some of the common manufacturers which offer this warranty length include Toyota, Cupra, Volkswagen, Volvo, BMW, Nissan, Peugeot and Subaru.  

Why are five years/unlimited km warranties so common?

There is no official answer for this, although it’s likely that the manufacturer is confident that there will be a very small number of faults with their vehicles within the first five years and therefore can face any costs associated with fixing said car during the period. 

Volkswagen offers a five-year/unlimited kilometre warranty for its range of cars

After the five-year period ends, it’s up to the consumer to front the bill for any issues arising from the vehicle.  

It’s also worth noting that other markets do not have such long warranties; in America, for example, Toyota offers a paltry coverage of just three years and 36,000 miles, so it could be worse.

What are the shortest new car warranties in Australia?

At the other end of the spectrum, the shortest warranties can be found largely in the luxury space, with Ferrari, Lamborghini and even Fiat offering only three year/unlimited kilometre warranties. 

Lamborghini Urus 2021
Lamborghini offers a short three-year/unlimited kilometre warranty

Manufacturers listed in alphabetical order:

Accurate as of September 11, 2023

All warranties in Australia, listed alphabetically

  • Alfa Romeo – five-year/unlimited
  • Audi – five-year/unlimited
  • BMW – five-year/unlimited
  • Cupra – five-year/unlimited
  • Ferrari – three-year/unlimited
  • Fiat – three-year/unlimited
  • Ford – five-year/unlimited
2023 Alfa Romeo Qv duo front and rear angles
Alfa Romeo offers a five-year/unlimited kilometre new car warranty
  • Genesis – five-year/unlimited
  • GWM – seven-year/unlimited
  • Honda – five-year/unlimited
  • Hyundai – five-year/unlimited
  • Isuzu – six-year/150,000km
  • Jaguar – five-year/unlimited
  • Jeep – five-year/100,000km
  • Kia – seven-year/unlimited
  • Lamborghini – three-year/unlimited
  • Land Rover – five-year/unlimited
  • LDV – five-year/130,000km
  • Lexus – five-year/unlimited
Lexus offers a standard five-year/unlimited kilometre warranty
  • Mahindra – five-year/150,000km
  • Maserati – three-year
  • Mazda – five-year/unlimited
  • McLaren – three-year/unlimited
  • Mercedes-Benz – five-year/unlimited
  • MG – seven-year/unlimited
  • Mini – five-year/unlimited
  • Mitsubishi – ten-year/200,000km
  • Nissan – five-year/unlimited
  • Peugeot – five-year/unlimited
  • Polestar – five-year/unlimited
  • Porsche – three-year/unlimited
  • RAM – three-year/100,000km
  • Renault – five-year/unlimited
2023 Porsche 911 S/T duo driving shot
Porsche Australia’s warranty is three years/unlimited kilometre
  • Skoda – seven year/unlimited
  • Subaru – five-year/unlimited
  • Suzuki – five-year/unlimited
  • Tesla – four-year/80,000km
  • Toyota – five-year/unlimited
  • Volkswagen – five-year/unlimited
  • Volvo – five-year/unlimited

Battery warranties

  • Audi – eight-year/160,000km
  • BMW – eight-year/160,000km
  • Fiat – eight-year/150,000km
  • Ford – eight-year/160,000km
  • Genesis – eight-year/160,000km
  • GWM – eight year
  • Hyundai – eight-year/160,000km
  • Jaguar – eight-year/160,000km
Battery warranties offer mainly an eight-year/160,000 kilometre coverage
  • Kia – seven-year/150,000km
  • Land Rover – eight-year/160,000km
  • Lexus – five-year/unlimited (up to 10 years with health check)
  • Mercedes-Benz – eight-year/160,000km
  • MG – seven-year/unlimited
  • Mini – eight-year/100,000km
  • Polestar – eight-year/160,000km
  • Porsche – eight-year/160,000km
  • Renault – five-year/100,000km
  • Tesla – eight-year/160,000km
  • Volvo – eight-year/150,000km

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