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Volkswagen ID4 and ID5 2024: High-output facelift confirmed for EV SUV 2024 launch

Olek Novak

“Faster and more efficient” versions to arrive for Australian debut in Q2 2024 

Volkswagen has confirmed that Australia will secure the higher-output facelifted versions of the long-awaited ID4 and ID5 SUVs when the pair launch in Australia in “Q2 or Q3” of 2024.

The delay in release of the models that’ve been on sale overseas for some time now will be “worth the wait”, Volkswagen Australia told local media at its recent brand day event, meaning that Aussie buyers will get “faster and more efficient” versions than the pre-facelifted series that has been on sale globally.

The importer confirmed output figures of 210kW and 545Nm for the forthcoming Pro versions’ APP550 MEB drive system fitted to the electric SUV twins, a significant 60kW and 235Nm up on the pre-facelift specification.

2024 Volkswagen ID4 rear 3/4 shot
The pre-update ID4 electric SUV

While local homologation is yet to be confirmed, Volkswagen Australia explains that the upgrades yield improvement in range, lifting the ID4 Pro up to a total of 550km and the ID5 Pro up to 556km, an improvement of 17km and 11kms respectively, albeit using European WLTP. Exact range claims for the Australian spec may vary once the pair is launched mid-2024.

Meanwhile, the higher-spec GTX rises from 220kW in current guise to 250kW in facelifted form. Volkswagen hasn’t indicated any range adjustment for the GTX, though peak DC charging rate has risen from 135kW to 175kW for a claimed eight-minute reduction in “10 to 100-percent charging”, which is now around 29 minutes.  

The ID4 and ID5 are set to take on the top-selling Tesla Model Y electric SUV

Had the ID4 Pro and ID5 Pro arrived in Aus pre-facelift, they would’ve offered much more modest 150kW and 310Nm outputs.  

Other facelift upgrades confirmed for Australia 

Elsewhere, the facelifted electric SUVs get further upgrades outside of exterior styling. While exact pricing and specifications are yet to surface, Volkswagen Australia has revealed details of some specific updates slated for local vehicles.

The electric SUVs will get a larger touchscreen media system with a faster user interface. 

2024 Volkswagen ID4 interior
As part of the updates, the electric SUVs will gain numerous updates to their interiors (pre-update interior pictured)

In response to widespread user feedback, the air-con controls remain in the media interface but now remain permanently on the home screen and benefit from shortcut facilities. Further, the dash fascia-located touch sliders – often criticised as being hard to read – are now illuminated.  

The update also adds new gear selector, light, and wiper controls, while the steering wheel features a button layout that now mirrors that of the Volkswagen ICE models.

Pro-spec variants will fit IQ Matrix headlights, power seats, 360-degree Area View camera system, 19-inch wheels and adaptive Dynamic Chassis Control system (or DCC). Local ID4 and ID5 models will also fit both mode 2 and mode 3 charging cables as standard fitment.

Pricing and full specifications will be made available closer to the electric SUVs’ mid-2024 Australian launch.