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Top car brands in Australia: the most popular manufacturers


Where does your favourite brand sit among the 49 marques competing in Australia?

Which car brands are the most popular with Australians? The sales data for 2023 has now arrived, and it paints a clear picture: Aussies still love Toyota more than any other car manufacturer.

Toyota RAV4 Cruiser FWD Hybrid 2022 thumbnail
Behemoth Toyota remained Australia’s top-selling brand by a country mile

But where does your favourite brand sit among the 49 marques competing in this country? You might be surprised which manufacturers did well in 2023, and which carmakers have an uphill battle in the sales race of 2024.

A few standouts this year included EV specialist Tesla (up 135 percent to 46,116 deliveries) and Cupra (up 239 percent to 3765 cars), while Nissan (up 49 percent), Volkswagen (up 42 percent) and Ford (up 32 percent) all benefitted from big upticks in supply – and new models.

1123 Ford Ranger Raptor with OFFROTY 2023 award
The award-winning Ranger Raptor was the top-selling vehicle in Australia

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Most popular car brands in Australia

#ManufacturerModels on sale2023 deliveriesvs 2022
1Toyota23215,240Down 7%
2Mazda13100,008Up 4%
3Ford1087,800Up 32%
4Kia1276,120Down 3%
5Hyundai1375,183Up 3%
6Mitsubishi865,511Down 18%
7MG558,346Up 18%
8Tesla246,116Up 135%
9Subaru746,114Up 28%
10Isuzu245,341Up 28%
11Volkswagen1843,821Up 42%
12Nissan839,376Up 49%
13GWM636,397Up 45%
14BMW2226,184Up 15%
15Mercedes-Benz2624,315Down 9%
16LDV821,298Up 31%
17Audi1619,039Up 29%
18Suzuki617,038Down 21%
19Lexus1015,192Up 114%
20Honda513,734Down 3%
21BYD312,438Up 489%
22Volvo611,128Up 4%
23Land Rover78425Up 94%
24Renault78024Down 9%
25Skoda77999Up 23%
26RAM36833Up 11%
27Porsche76052Up 8%
28Ssangyong35966Up 51%
30Jeep54634Down 30%
31Mini44289Up 43%
32Cupra43765Up 239%
33Chevrolet33703Up 42%
34Peugeot82516Up 21%
35Polestar12463Up 62%
36Genesis51916Up 84%
37Fiat1755Up 111%
38Alfa Romeo3716Up 25%
39Maserati5638Up 7%
40Jaguar6581Down 17%
41Lamborghini2241Up 37%
42Bentley3229Up 13%
43Citroen4228Down 23%
44Ferrari1215Up 6%
45Lotus1183Up 195%
46Aston Martin2157Up 19%
47McLaren185Up 39%
48Rolls-Royce349Down 18%
49Chrysler17Down 91%