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Ford Ranger 2023: prices rise across the board as Wildtrak V6 and Raptor wait times ease

Dylan Campbell

Increases of up to $1300 have been applied to Australia’s best-selling dual-cab ute after it launched earlier this year

Ford has raised prices for its popular Ranger dual-cab ute – including by $1300 in the case of its twin-turbo V6 Raptor.

Prices have increased by an average of $558 across the range, with the popular Wildtrak V6 jumping by $1000 to $71,190. The performance-focused Raptor is now $86,790 before on-road costs.

Ford Ranger Sport 2.0L 2022 front 3/4 static
Ford has increased the price of the Ranger following its launch earlier this year

The starting price for Ranger ownership has also jumped by $250, with the 4×2 XL Single CC 2.0L SiT now $36,180, while the Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi Triton are priced from $24,225 and $23,740 respectively.

The new pricing comes into effect for any vehicles manufactured after March 2023 for what Ford is calling the “2023.50” model year.

While some models now get additional standard equipment, Ford Australia spokesperson Matt Moran told Chasing Cars the price rise was due to a “combination of various factors” including “logistics and shipping related factors, balancing where there is new content [standard equipment], and taking into consideration a number of different external factors”.

Wait times on popular grades such as the Wildtrak and Raptor have eased

Wait times for Wildtrak and Raptor ease

Meanwhile Ford Australia said extra supply of hugely popular variants like Wildtrak V6 and Raptor have reduced wait times.

Customers ordering either of these variants will receive their vehicle by June 2023, while Ford expects to fulfil Ranger Sport V6 orders by March 2023 if ordering today.

Turbo-diesel four-cylinder 2.0-litre variants remain widely available.

Changes to standard specification

All XLT and Sport variants now come with the Integrated Trailer Brake Controller as standard. The controller manages a trailer’s electric brakes proportionate to the driver’s brake pedal pressure, making for smoother and better trailer braking. Previously it was only available as part of the optional Touring Pack.

The Touring Pack, available on XLT and Sport, now adds the Cargo Management System and Auxiliary Switch Bank – previously they were not available on the XLT and Sport at all.

Ford Ranger 2023 tray camera
A reversing camera is now fitted to the XL Cab Chassis as standard

The cargo management system adds dividers for the tray to secure various items, while the Auxiliary Switch Bank mounts six switches on the cabin ceiling each with fuses, for easy operation of accessories such as winches, light bars, air compressors, etc.

The price also increases $395 to $1295.

The XL Cab Chassis now receives a Rear-View Camera Kit as standard. Previously the kit was available as an accessory, but not from the factory.

The Ranger now has a simpler alarm system, Ford removing the interior motion and vehicle inclination sensors due to “continued semi-conductor chip shortages”. Ford refers to the new alarm fitted to the 2023.50MY Ranger as the Perimeter Alarm.

Ford Ranger 2023 tray
Buyers can now opt for a power roller shutter on the Ranger Raptor

New options now available

Ranger Wildtrak can now be specified with 20-inch wheels from the factory for just $500 extra. The bigger wheels (18s are standard) come with a machined face and all-season tyres.

Ford now offers Ranger Raptor customers with a powered roller shutter for the rear tray. For $3500, it also replaces the standard fit spray-in tray-liner with a drop-in plastic liner.

For $250, the XLT Cab Chassis can be optioned with the Auxiliary Switch Bank.

Ford Ranger 2023: prices in Australia

All prices listed are before on-road costs.

  • 4×2 XL Single CC 2.0L SiT: $36,180 (up $250)
  • 4×2 XL Super CC 2.0L SiT: $38,680 (up $250)
  • 4×2 XL Double CC 2.0L SiT: $40,680 (up $250)
  • 4×2 XL Double PU 2.0L SiT: $42,580 (up $250)
  • 4×2 XLS Double PU 2.0L BiT: $47,130 (up $400)
  • 4×2 XLT Double PU 2.0L BiT         : $54,790 (up $800)
  • 4×4 XL Single CC 2.0L BiT: $47,280 (up $250)
  • 4×4 XL Super CC 2.0L BiT: $49,780 (up $250)
  • 4×4 XL Super PU 2.0L BiT: $51,680 (up $250)
  • 4×4 XL Double CC 2.0L SiT: $48,280 (up $250)
  • 4×4 XL Double CC 2.0L BiT: $51,780 (up $250)
  • 4×4 XL Double PU 2.0L SiT: $50,180 (up $250)
  • 4×4 XL Double PU 2.0L BiT: $53,680 (up $250)
  • 4×4 XLS Double PU 2.0L BiT: $54,730 (up $400)
  • 4×4 XLT Super PU 2.0L BiT: $59,990 (up $800)
  • 4×4 XLT Double PU 2.0L BiT         : $61,990 (up $800)
  • 4WD XLT Double CC 3.0L V6: $63,290 (up $1000)
  • 4WD XLT Double PU 3.0L V6: $65,190 (up $1000)
  • 4×4 Sport Double PU 2.0L BiT: $64,490 (up $800)
  • 4WD Sport Double PU 3.0L V6: $67,690 (up $1000)
  • 4×4 Wildtrak Double PU 2.0L BiT: $67,990 (up $800)
  • 4WD Wildtrak Double PU 3.0L V6: $71,190 (up $1000)
  • 4WD Raptor Double PU 3.0L V6 EcoBoost: $86,790 (up $1300)

Ford Ranger 2023: options prices in Australia

  • 20-inch Wildtrak Wheel Pack: $500 (new option)
  • Aux Switches – XLT C/C Only: $250 (new option)
  • Power Roller Shutter, Ranger Raptor: $3500 (new option)
  • 4×4 XLT/Sport Pick-Up Touring Pack: $1295 (up $395)
  • Wildtrak Premium Pack: $1850 (up $350)
  • Prestige Paint: $700 (up $25)
  • 4×2 XL/XLS Off-Road Pack: $1150 (no change)
  • 4×2 XLT Off-Road Pack: $650 (no change)
  • 4×4 XL/XLS Wheel Pack: $750 (no change)
  • 4×4 XLT/Sport Wheel Pack: $500 (no change)
  • Raptor Bead-Lock Capable Wheels: $2000 (no change)
  • XL Wheel Centre Cap Kit: $20 (no change)
  • XL Heavy Duty Suspension: $500 (no change)
  • Spray-In Bedliner – XL/XLS: $900 (no change)
  • Spray-In Bedliner – XLT/Sport: $400 (no change)
  • Towing Pack: $1700 (no change)
  • XLS Tech Pack: $750 (no change)
  • Raptor Decal Pack: $500 (no change)