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Tesla Model Y 2024: electric SUV gets updated in China


Along with its Model 3 sibling, the Y has been updated for the Chinese market and could soon come to Australia

The Tesla Model Y midsize SUV, one of Australia’s most popular electric cars, has been updated for the Chinese market, which could lead to a ‘trickle down effect’ to our local market. 

Following the news of the Tesla Model 3 sedan’s facelift, small changes have been made to the Model Y. 

According to the Tesla China website, the base Model Y now has a claimed 0-100km/h time of 5.9 seconds, or exactly one second quicker than the current Australian-delivered Model Y rear-drive, echoing similar changes mate to the entry-level Model 3

The updated Model Y doesn’t look too different on the outside

Range for the base rear-drive has increased by 9km to 554km according to the lenient CLTC test cycle (up 9km from before).

New design 19-inch wheels and interior ambient lighting now feature, however the remainder of the midsize SUV looks much the same as before. 

The Model Y doesn’t seem to follow the Model 3 in terms of exterior design, and will retain its current look for now. 

Ambient LED lighting is the major change to the Y’s interior

The Model 3 facelift, meanwhile, features slimmer LED headlights, a simple front bumper and new C-shaped LED tail lights. 

Australian-delivered Model Y and Model 3s are both produced in China, so it’s very likely that our market will receive these updates with time. 

Tesla Model Y a sales success in Australia 

2023 Tesla Model Y Performance red cornering
The current Tesla Model Y Performance tested by Chasing Cars

As of September 2023, Tesla has sold a staggering 23,475 units of its midsize Y SUV, surpassing other electric SUVs such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Mercedes-Benz EQB

The Hyundai Ioniq 5, in contrast, has sold just 707 units so far in 2023. 

Tesla’s Model 3 has also been a success, selling a sizable 14,540 units so far this year, establishing Tesla’s dominance on local shores. 

The freshly facelifted Tesla Model 3

To put that figure into perspective, Tesla has sold more Model 3s than Toyota has sold Camrys, with the Japanese auto giant significantly behind with ‘just’ 7130 units of the sedan sold so far in 2023. 

Although it’s still unconfirmed, expect Tesla to offer a more affordable small car – possibly called Model 2 – sometime in the near future.