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Car news, 4 July ’24: Tesla remains top-selling EV maker in Australia, the Ford Capri is coming back as an SUV, and more


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Thanks for joining us this Thursday July 4th 2024. Notably in car news today: Tesla sold the most electric cars in Australia in the first half of this year, and the Ford Capri is making a comeback as an SUV, according to new reports.

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Tesla dominates EV sales in first half of 2024, rivals like BYD pushing hard 

2023 Tesla Model Y Performance side angle driving shot
Tesla’s Model Y is still the king in Australia in terms of EV sales
  • Tesla continues to dominate the electric vehicle sales charts in Australia, with the Model Y selling 12,516 units year to date, while the smaller Model 3 shifted 10,600 units YTD. 
  • MG followed behind with its MG4, shifting 2771 units thus far in 2024.  
  • But which manufacturers struggled the most trying to sell EVs in Australia? Jaguar sold just five I-Paces in the first half of this year, while LDV’s eT60 ute struggled, too, shifting just eight units so far in 2024. 
  • Interestingly, Porsche sold more of its Taycan luxury electric car (163 units) than Genesis sold its GV60 (46 units). 

Ford Capri nameplate to be reborn as an SUV: report  

1971 Ford Capri RS2600 side angle profile
The next Ford Capri might look quite different to this classic..
  • Ford of Europe is bringing back the Capri nameplate, but it won’t be a fastback or a budget sportscar like its forebears. 
  • According to new reports from Auto Express, the next Ford Capri will be announced on July 10, 2024 as an SUV, rather than a fastback coupe it became known for originally in 1968. 
  • It’s set to be built in Cologne, Germany, at the same plant that will build the Ford Explorer SUV.
  • A Ford Capri has not been sold in Australia since 1994 when Ford Australia produced the Capri convertible with engines shared with the Mazda 323. It was front-drive only. 
  • The Capri SUV is very likely to sit upon the same Volkswagen Group-sourced MEB platform, just like the Explorer. It has not yet been confirmed for Australia and is likely to be destined for the European market only.  

Fisker agrees to sell inventory of Oceans for just USD $16,500 per vehicle as financial battles continue 

2023 Fisker Ocean front 3/4 image
Fisker is selling off its Ocean SUV for cheap
  • Failing American electric vehicle automaker Fisker, who has declared bankruptcy, has entered an agreement to sell its remaining 3231 Ocean SUVs to ride-share operator American Lease, with some examples to be worth just USD$16,500
  • According to recent reports from Car and Driver, Fisker’s Ocean inventory is worth a grand total of USD$46.25 million
  • The Ocean initially sold for USD$70,000 in high-spec Extreme guise, or the equivalent of AUD$104,000
  • At one stage Fisker was looking to expand to the Australian market in 2023. It has since hit many financial troubles. 

Mini to debut hot JCW version of electric hatch at Goodwood 

2024 Mini JCW E Prototype driving shot front 3/4
This is the 2024 Mini JCW E Prototype which will do the run at Goodwood
  • The high-performance model is set to feature “an advanced electric powertrain” so it’s likely we will see more power than the current Cooper SE’s 160kW electric motor. 
  • The JCW version’s prototype will race up the hill at Goodwood Festival of Speed in camouflage in mid-July, however it’s expected the final product will be revealed shortly after.
  • Mini says it has committed to not just an electric John Cooper Works, but also a combustion petrol version to sit alongside.
  • Interestingly, the previous generation of Mini hatch, the F56, did not have a JCW electric variant and produced a modest 135kW/270Nm and was powered by a small 32.6kWh battery pack. 

Mazda 2 GT reviewed

  • Chasing Cars journalist Zak Adkins’ review of the 2024 Mazda 2 GT was published, including his reflections on Mazda’s smallest car and whether or not it retains the same charm as when it was first introduced.
  • In his written review, Adkins noted that the 2’s enjoyable driving experience, frugal fuel use, comfortable seats and fun sport mode were all positives for the Mazda small car.
  • However, reviewer Adkins also noted that the 1.5-litre engine is loud and works hard, a slightly confused transmission, touchscreen lock-out function and dated infotainment let down the 2 somewhat.
  • Adkins concluded his written review by recommending the Mazda 2 as a safe, dependable and convenient buy in 2024, even as SUVs and utes reign as the most popular choice for Australian new car buyers.

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