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New Honda CR-V: Australian release imminent with seven seats


The Honda ZR-V may have just arrived but the new CR-V isn’t far around the corner, with the local distributor promising it will pack lots of space and choice for buyers

Honda has stated the next-generation CR-V will go on sale “really soon” though stopped short of pint pointing an exact time frame.

The inbound sixth-generation CR-V has been on sale in North America since late last year, where it is locally manufactured however there has been a significant lag for right-hand-drive markets like Australia.

Honda’s new CR-V isn’t far away from Australia

The CR-V made its debut in RHD form in Thailand March 2023, with Honda Australia predicted to source its supply of the SUV from the neighbouring country again for the new generation, despite recently switching to Japan sourcing for the new-gen Civic and HR-V models.

Speaking to Chasing Cars at the local launch of the ZR-V midsize SUV, the Honda Australia general manager of automotive Matthew Evans said we wouldn’t have to wait long for the CR-V to arrive.

While the recent introduction of the ZR-V does introduce another midsize SUV to the range Evan said he didn’t feel the CR-V needed to be given time to “settle in” to avoid toe-stepping with the established SUV nameplate as the two vehicles were quite different..

There has been a lag in the availability of the new-gen CR-V

“You see the design on both the cars is quite different,” he said, adding ”the HR–V the Honda ZR–V and the CR–V they’ve actually got their own space and size, but they’ve got their own space in design too.” 

“So I don’t think that there is any real material risk of cannibalisation, is what we call it. I think that we’re going to find the right buyer for each of them.”

Given that the CR-V has already been on sale in Thailand for the best part of five months, it’s likely initial demand has been satisfied to some degree – providing more flexibility for the factory to export to other RHD markets like Australia. 

Along with an updated interior, Honda buyers can expect to see a seven-seat option

Seven-seat option locked in for Australia

“It’s going to be another fantastic product, it’s got lots of space,” he said, adding “it’s certainly got all the room that you actually need for a big family,” he said.

Asked if the CR-V would mirror the line-up seen in the ZR-V consisting of four grades with a hybrid at the top of the range, Evans was tight-lipped but emphasised “there’ll be a lot of choice for customers when it comes to CR-V,”

Evans confirmed the CR-V would be returning as a seven-seat proposition, making it one of the few ‘midsize SUVs’ which are available to accommodate a third row, alongside the likes of the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace and Nissan X-Trail.