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Lexus reportedly working on LFA successor with twin-turbo V8 PHEV power


Rumours suggest the rebooted Japanese supercar will become an EV, but only after initially being released as a PHEV

It’s been over a decade since Lexus stopped selling its iconic, V10-powered LFA supercar, but it has been reported that the Japanese brand is gearing up to reveal its spiritual successor. 

As reported by Japanese outlet Best Car Web, the LFA’s successor will return initially as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) in 2025, but then within a year of release, the second-generation LFA would morph into an all-electric supercar.

Lexus Electrified Sport concept
The Lexus Electrified Sport concept blends classic and futuristic styling cues

As a PHEV-powered supercar, it’s likely that this revived LFA will face competition from the likes of the Ferrari SF90, and the Mclaren Artura, before coming up against something like the mooted fully-electric 994-generation Porsche 911 in the BEV sports car segment.

Key specs of the possible second-generation Lexus LFA

The Japanese report states that this upcoming supercar will sit on Toyota’s TNGA GA-L platform, and will keep weight to a minimum through the use of an aluminum chassis and a carbon fibre body. 

2011 Lexus LFA driving
Lexus produced just 500 units of the LFA supercar

This is a similar story to the first generation LFA, which made use of a carbon fibre-reinforced polymer monocoque with aluminium subframes. This supported the 4.8-litre V10 that was positioned in the front of the vehicle. 

As for an engine, the PHEV version will reportedly get a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 that will make up to 523kW. This will be paired with an electric motor that will lift its peak output to around 700kW. 

No details regarding the transmission and drivetrain were spoken about, but it’s likely that it will be an all-wheel drive system, considering the sheer amount of power and torque that will be put to the ground. 

Lexus Electrified Sport concept forest
It’s likely that the new LFA will get hypercar-matching performance

Though Lexus has remained tight-lipped on the LFA front, it did reveal an Electrified Sport concept back in August 2022, which was capable of hitting 100km/h 100km/h in around two-seconds. 

Other interesting details of the concept included its 700km driving range, and the fact that it could make use of a faux manual transmission that Lexus engineers have been testing on a prototype UX 300e electric small SUV

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