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Car news, 04 June ’24: Mazda new rotary-based powertrains fuel RX-7 reboot rumours, Hyundai i30N facelift leaked, and more

Olek Novak

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Thanks for joining us this Tuesday June 4th 2024. Notably in car news today: Mazda teases a rotary revival as a generator for future electric-driven powertrains, and Hyundai i30N facelift leaked prior to its official unveiling. 

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Mazda ‘considering’ a new rotary sports car…again

Tokyo Mobility Show 2023 - Mazda Iconic SP concept rear 3/4
Mazda revealed a rotary-powered Iconic SP concept last year
  • Mazda has shown off two rotary engines at a recent overseas press conference, fuelling the latest rumours that an RX-7 sports car successor could yet again be on the cards.
  • In the  joint press conference held by Toyota, Subaru and Mazda – which saw the brands share plans on new internal combustion engines – the latter displayed both single-rotor and twin-rotor rotary-electric systems, with Motor1 reporting the brand’s announcement that the two-rotor version is “being considered for use in sports cars”.
  • “This concept unit is equipped with two longitudinally-mounted rotary engines for power generation, enabling a larger power supply and realising low centre of gravity proportions,” said a senior Mazda executive.
  • The engine would work in a similar fashion to the now discontinued Mazda MX-30, whereby the rotary engine feeds power to the battery as opposed to being mechanically connected to the rear wheels. 
  • Rumours of a reincarnated rotary-powered Mazda sports car have persisted over the last decade, with the brand revealing an RX-Vision concept vehicle in 2015 and a rotary powered Iconic SP concept more recently. 

Hyundai i30N facelift leaked before reveal 

A glimpse of the facelifted Hyundai i30N hot hatch has surfaced online (Image Source:
Hyundai Nošovice, YouTube)
  • The upcoming facelift for the Hyundai i30N hot hatch appears to have leaked online before its official reveal, previewing a subtle update for the ageing hot hatch.
  • A clear – albeit short – glimpse of the newcomer can be seen as part of a YouTube video posted by Hyundai Nošovice, the Czech factory where the i30N is built, revealing minimal exterior changes including more red accents as part of the front air intakes and sideskirts.
  • It’s unknown what interior changes apply, however a facelift to the regular i30 hatch earlier this year brought with it a wider digital instrument cluster amongst other updates. No changes are expected to the 2.0-litre turbocharged powertrain.
  • Both the i30N and its smaller i20N hot hatch sibling were discontinued for the European market earlier this year due to strict emissions regulations, though the ICE models continue for Australia for the foreseeable future. Launch timings for the facelifted model have not yet been confirmed.

2026 Lexus ES to go fully electric and hybrid

Lexus ES F Sport 2022 driving
The next-generation Lexus ES could be available in both full EV and hybrid guises (current-generation pictured)
  • Recent patent filings suggest the new-generation Lexus ES will be available in both fully electric and hybrid guises, according to CarScoops.

  • The next-generation ES is again expected to be based on the incoming updated Camry, which lands in Australia this year, with the Lexus not likely to arrive until 2026.

  • A render based on a concept image of Lexus’ future EV range in 2021 and the new Camry were published by Kolesa, foreshadowing what it might look like.

  • The current-generation ES arrived way back in 2018, meaning that a replacement is likely in the short to medium term.

2024 GWM Cannon Alpha Hybrid reviewed

Journalist Zak Adkins’ review of the 2024 GWM Cannon Alpha Hybrid has been published
  • Chasing Cars journalist Zak Adkins’ review of the 2024 GWM Cannon Alpha Hybrid was published, taking a close look at the new Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux rival.

  • Adkins found the hybrid-powered Alpha to be an attractively priced, large and powerful vehicle, with a lovely interior and strong value for money. 
  • However, on the road, the Alpha’s hybrid engine and ride quality were found to grow tiresome and lack polish.
  • Adkins’ assessment concluded that GWM needs to refine the power delivery and ride quality for the vehicle for it to be competitive with the best utes in the segment – something GWM has the chance to get right with an update. 

WATCH: GWM Cannon Alpha Hybrid 2024 Review

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