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Ford Ranger 2022: next-generation ute to debut November 24


Comprehensively new design and much-improved technology will headline the overhaul of one of Australia’s most popular vehicles

The time has nearly come for the next-generation Ford Ranger to grace us with its presence and if Ford’s marketing hype is to be believed, it’s certainly shaping up to be something special. 

The Ranger will debut on November 24 and will be live streamed via YouTube. 

UPDATE 24/11/21: the new Ford Ranger has been revealed

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Promoted as “the smartest, most versatile and most capable Ranger ever”, the ute will debut a brand new look that reminds us of the Ford F-150 pickup truck from certain angles, which is no coincidence. 

Ford Ranger 2022 sketch
The 2022 Ranger will carry a new design language over the outgoing model.

On the design front, we’ve already had a sneak peak with leaked images coming through from Thailand, where the Ranger is manufactured. 

The Ranger gets a brand new front end with very prominent C-shaped daytime running lights along with a redesigned split grille.

At the rear, the new Ranger features a very similar design to the F-150 (only available currently in the USA) with revised tail-lights and tailgate for a 2020s look. 

2023 Ford Ranger spotted
The 2022 Ford Ranger has been spotted in Thailand.

It’s certainly the most muscular-looking Ranger we’ve seen so far, and bodes well for the pumped-up Ranger Raptor version. 

Ford has already given us a run down on what went into developing its new-generation ute, undertaking serious testing to make sure the car could handle the toughest of conditions here in Australia, while stressing its Australian development DNA. 

Pre-production prototypes were given thorough endurance testing, completing 10,000km across deserts in both Australia and the Middle East. 

Ford Ranger 2022 camouflage ice drifting
While not its intended purpose, yes, the Ranger can drift.

Ford Australia claims it has racked up 625,000km of off-road driving in the next-generation Ranger, which makes sense considering the car is planned to be sold in 180 different markets across the globe. 

But the company also wanted to build a ute that was for the people, and could satisfy the needs of the Ranger faithful. 

Ford said it conducted “more than 5000 interviews and worked with hundreds of pick-up owners, in dozens of workshops across the globe, to find out how owners used their vehicles, what they liked, what they wished it had and what experiences mattered the most to them”. 

Ford Ranger 2022 rendering
A new front end will add a modern touch to the 2022 model.

Engines are still unconfirmed at this stage but we have predicted that the 2.0-litre diesel four-cylinder engine will continue – potentially in both single- and twin-turbo forms. 

A higher-spec engine is expected to become available – the likely recipient being the Ranger Raptor – but at this time nothing has been confirmed by Ford.

Stay tuned for the big reveal on November 24.