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Audi A3 2024 facelift to arrive in Australia late in the year


A subtle facelift of the Audi A3 hatchback and sedan will arrive in Australia likely before the end of 2024, the brand confirmed this morning.

Still presenting crisply, the styling of the fourth-generation A3 hasn’t been fettled substantially – though in typical Audi fashion, lighting technology and interior materials have come in for tweaks and upgrades.

Audi A3 2024 sedan progressive red exterior

The A3 also ushers in controversial subscription-based technologies, with adaptive cruise control, auto high beam, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and even dual-zone climate control all set to be features you pay for via an app store.

That’s in Europe, at least – we’re yet to hear whether Audi Australia will make the features standard out of the box after BMW Australia received a hiding from local media for attempting a subscription strategy locally in recent years.

Beyond indicative timing, about the only detail that has been confirmed for Australia is that our market won’t be getting the biggest upgrade of all to the A3 lineup.

Audi A3 2024 allstreet python yellow exterior
The new A3 Allstreet

Seemingly exclusive to Europe will be the new A3 Allstreet variant, which is a lifted and cladded version of the A3 Sportback with 30 millimetres of additional ground clearance.

Presented as an SUV-hatchback crossover, the A3 Allstreet picks up a honeycomb single-frame grille that’s more reminiscent of the Audi Q3 SUV.

Given the Australian penchant for SUVs, it seems like a missed opportunity not to offer the A3 hatch in this toughened and taller format.

Audi A3 2024 allstreet python yellow exterior
Audi A3 2024 Sportback district green exterior
Comparing the Allstreet (in python yellow) and Sportback (in district green) formats

Still, both hatchback and sedan versions of the regular A3 will make their return with an engine lineup that shouldn’t differ too much from what is seen today.

Audi’s European head office has already confirmed the global return of the Australian base engine – a 48-volt 1.5-litre turbo petrol four-cylinder making 110kW/250Nm dubbed the 35 TFSI.

Additional engines will be announced later, the brand says, and will include other petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid options. Aussies should expect the 40 TFSI, a 140kW/320Nm AWD 2.0-litre petrol, to make a return.

Audi A3 2024 Sportback interior

Australia could be considered for the plug-in hybrid model with Audi adding PHEVs to its range in recent months. The related Cupra Leon is sold with a PHEV option in Australia.

Upgraded matrix LED headlights will be available for the new A3 offering a choice of four driver-selectable daytime running light signatures.

Inside, 10-inch infotainment remains, now with integrated Amazon Alexa smart assistance, while ambient and contour lighting has been upgraded with intricately lit fabric door panels.

Audi A3 2024 allstreet black leather interior

Fabric can now extend to the dashboard with the A3’s lateral cabin inlay now available in a choice of recycled polyester or Dinamica microfibre – conventional Audi materials such as aluminium are also available.

Sonos replaces Bang & Olufsen as the supplier of premium stereos for the A3 models.

In Europe, pricing for the revised A3 starts from AUD$59,000 compared to its $50,600 starting price in the Australian market. Expect a small price bump for the refreshed small German car when it hits our shores.