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Lexus LX 600 Offroad: luxury LC300 GR Sport joins the LX lineup


As Lexus’s flagship 4WD goes on sale in Japan, a local tuning house has given this iconic off-roader some special ‘Offroad’ treatment with Toyota’s blessing

Lexus has unveiled an ultimate version of its Japanese-market LX 600 Offroad edition at Tokyo Auto Salon that was modified in collaboration with Japanese tuning house JAOS.

The LX 600 Offroad edition is a top-spec grade that lives up to its name by including a suite of upgrades including triple diff locks (front, centre and rear) and chunky all-terrain tyres which also feature on the closely-related Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport.

Lexus LX 600 Offroad special front 3/4
Lexus has unveiled an LX 600 modified in collaboration with Japanese tuning house JAOS

The collaboration between Lexus and JAOS, an abbreviation of Japan Offroad Service, has built upon this more rugged trim level, which is currently reserved for the Japanese market, to enhance the inherent off-road talent that LX brings to the table.

What has been upgraded on the LX 600 Offroad?

Some of these notable upgrades include a front and rear skid plate to protect the internals from rocks and other debris along with mudguards and extended wheel arches. 

Lexus LX 600 Offroad special front 3/4 driving
Chunkier tyres, new wheels and underbody protection panels front and rear make the LX a more serious beast off-road

The team at JAOS have replaced the 18-inch black alloys fitted on the LX 600 Offroad edition and replaced them with larger 20-inch Enkei wheels finished in Titanium Gold.

Wrapped in Toyo Open Country tyres, the rubber measures 285mm wide at all four corners.

Lighter modifications include a door handle protector and a special LAOS livery work to give this luxury cruiser an altogether harder edge.

Lexus LX 600 Offroad special rear 3/4
JAOS also added mudguards and wider wheel arches to complete the rugged look

Will the LX 600 Offroad come to Australia?

Lexus has yet to confirm if this showcase of aftermarket parts will transform into a permanent grade or if the LX 600 Offroad on which it is based but we are expected to learn more information about this model shortly.

However with the LX attracting a long history of off-road enthusiasts in Australia is seems reasonable to expect a similar rugged package will be made available at some point.

Lexus LX 600 Offroad special front 3/4 distance
Sadly the LX 600 Offroad grade remains Japan-only at this point

Australia is expected to receive both the petrol (LX 600) and diesel (LX 500d) versions of the LX as both have historically appealed to the 4WD diverse customer base.

The LX 600 is powered by a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine making 305kW of power and 650Nm of torque while the LX 500d uses a smaller 3.3-litre diesel engine of the same type that is more torque heavy with outputs of 227kW/700Nm.