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Lexus NX 2022: new app gives Australian owners remote locking and start


Remote start plus a host of connected features will be standard on the new Lexus NX crossover – with other Lexus models set to pick up the tech later

The release of the 2022 Lexus NX midsize SUV in Australia will coincide with the local launch of the Lexus Connected smartphone app that allows owners to interact with their car from afar.

Launching first for the NX SUV, the Lexus Connected app has three sets of features dubbed Remote Connect, Status Connect, and Multimedia Connect.

Owners of the most recent versions of the ES and LS sedans will be able to receive the app with most functions via a software update for the car – as will owners of the IS sedan built from September 2020 onward.

2022 Lexus NX 250 Luxury SUV red exterior front 3/4
Remote Connect allows for exterior control over the NX’s air con and engine starter systems.

Like similar connected apps fitted to BMW and Tesla vehicles, Lexus Connected operates via the car’s integrated network connection to establish a connection with the owner’s phone.

Remote Connect functions allow the new NX to be remotely locked, while the climate control can be set and the engine started. The headlights, hazard lights and horn can also be remotely activated from this area of the app.

Whether remote unlocking is possible is unclear, and Chasing Cars has asked Lexus for clarification.

2022 Lexus NX 250 Luxury SUV interior 1
Multimedia Connect provides live traffic and weather updates.

Meanwhile, Status Connect pages allow owners to quickly access key data on their car including odometer readings – handy for lease drivers when refuelling – plus tyre pressure, fuel level, driving range remaining, recent trip information, and the status of the doors, windows, boot and bonnet.

The car’s last known GPS location can also be seen on the app.

Finally, Multimedia Connect gives the car online navigation smarts with live traffic, weather and parking information plus superior point of interest search capability – sending routes and pins to the NX headunit.

Later, an ability to browse the web via the large Lexus NX touchscreen will be added before mid-2022.

The Lexus NX launches in Australia this month with four powertrain options: an NX 250 2.5-litre naturally-aspirated petrol with front-wheel drive; an NX 350h 2.5-litre hybrid in FWD and all-wheel drive applications; an NX 350 2.4-litre turbo with AWD; and a new plug-in hybrid with AWD dubbed the NX 450h+.