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Future Toyota models could offer choice of electric, hybrid and petrol engines


Much like Ford has an F-150 with ICE, hybrid and BEV power, Toyota could do the same with models such as the Hilux 

Toyota Australia has hinted at the possibility of a future where current Toyota ICE and hybrid model variants exist next to battery-electric counterparts. 

Sean Hanley, vice president of sales and marketing for Toyota Australia, told Chasing Cars that the chances of a broad offering of ICE, hybrid and BEV models is likely. 

“It gives customer choice. Eventually, customers will decide it might consolidate to two (the range), it might get to one, it’s a while away. 

Toyota C-HR concept 2023 rear 3/4
The Toyota electric concept that could be the next C-HR

“It’s exactly what Toyota has been talking about globally, and locally, for many, many years.”

These comments came after Hanley was asked if the similar strategy with Ford and its broad range of F-150 pickups was a good strategy. 

How could we see this work within Toyota’s model range globally?

Toyota BZ4X 2023 rear 3/4
The Toyota BZ4X will be a standalone model in Toyota’s range

While Toyota will introduce the stand-alone BZ4X model in Australia during the fourth quarter of 2023, we could see fully-electric versions of some of its most popular ICE models., too.  

Last year, Toyota showed a range of electric concepts to the public, with the stand-out car being a very similar looking vehicle to the quirky Toyota C-HR.

Other concepts included a BZ sedan, similar in size and shape to the Corolla sedan, as well as a small off-roader, a Supra-looking sports car and even a midsize SUV like the RAV4

2022 Toyota EV range lineup
The entire EV concept lineup presented by Toyota last year

How does Toyota currently offer its cars in Australia?

Toyota Australia has worked over time to offer an ICE and hybrid variant for almost all of its models sold locally.

Toyota BZ sedan 2021
This BZ sedan concept could be a replacement for the Corolla sedan

Currently, there are hybrid versions available for the Yaris, Yaris Cross, Corolla, Corolla Cross, C-HR, RAV4, Kluger and Camry

The models that do not offer a hybrid powertrain are the Land Cruiser Prado, Land Cruiser 300 Series, Land Cruiser 70 Series, Hilux, Fortuner and Supra.