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Toyota’s FT-3e EV concept SUV likely previews BZ4X successor

Olek Novak

The FT-3e is one of a suite of new EV concepts revealed by the Japanese auto-giant 

Japanese auto-giant Toyota has released a host of new electric concepts at the Japan Mobility Show including a new medium SUV concept called the FT-3e.

Previously teased ahead of the show, the midsize SUV has now been unveiled in the flesh for the first time, though beyond its looks there aren’t too many details about it just yet.

What is known, according to Toyota, is that the car shares major components with its FT-Se sister sports car that was also unveiled at the show, with both vehicles also expected to be underpinned by Toyota’s anticipated new electric vehicle platform. 

Tokyo Mobility Show 2023 - Toyota FT-3E concept front 3/4
The Toyota FT-3e midsize SUV concept shares major components with the FT-Se sports car concept

As well as this, both concepts are expected to preview future design direction and technology for the brand which is ramping up its investment in electric vehicle technology.

It’s possible that the FT-3e could preview the future – or potentially be a replacement – for the BZ4X electric SUV which has been produced since 2022 but which is only due to launch in Australia next year as Toyota’s first full-electric vehicle.

Tokyo Mobility Show 2023 - Toyota FT-3E concept side profile
The FT-3e potentially previews a future direction for the BZ4X electric SUV

The FT-3e is characterized by a futuristic design inside and out, headlined by a two-toned bonnet and a LED light-bar peppering the width of the vehicle.

Perhaps the most striking feature are digital displays on the outside of the vehicle running the length of the lower side body to the upper door. 

Tokyo Mobility Show 2023 - Toyota FT-3E concept front 3/4
The FT-3Ee on show at the Japan Mobility Show

Toyota says that when the driver approaches the car the screens provide information such as battery charge, onboard temperature, and interior air quality.

The SUV was one of several other electric vehicles at the show by Toyota including the Land Cruiser SE large SUV and EPU ‘Electric Pick Up’