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Nissan Z Nismo 2023: modified prototype spotted in Japan during testing


With the launch of the Nissan Z set to take place within months a harder, faster Nismo version is all but confirmed

A potential high-performance Nismo variant of the 2023 Nissan Z coupe has been spotted in prototype form in Japan with a considerable arsenal of performance upgrades.

In several short videos shared online this week, the extensively modified Nissan Z is seen flying along Okayama International Circuit in the country’s south-west.

Nissan Z Nismo 2022 rear
A potential prototype version of the Nissan Z Nismo has been spotted in Japan

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Although the image quality is quite poor, a medium-sized rear wing can be seen fitted to the coupe along with a wide-body kit filled by wide black wheels wrapped in sticky tyres.

YouTube user R Gelan also noted that a yellow-tinged bonnet was fitted to the car and could possibly be made of carbon kevlar, which points to the use of carbon on the front black wheel arch extensions as well.

The rear bumper appears to house a larger diffuser which has seemingly been cut to allow for a large single exhaust.

Nissan Z Nismo 2022 rear 2
The Z Nismo will likely feature an arsenal of handling upgrades

Z Nismo to challenge Toyota GRMN Supra?

Nismo is expected to give the Nissan Z a well-rounded increase in performance as it did for the GT-R along with the 350Z and 370Z models. 

The high-performance variant will also help Nissan take the fight to its Toyota Supra rival which will reportedly receive a high-performance ‘GRMN’ variant in 2023.

Nissan Z 2022 Times Square Z front
The ‘standard’ Nissan Z will go on sale in Australia later this year

If the Z is to continue tradition, the 298kW/475Nm 3.0-litre twin-turbo-petrol V6 found in the base car will likely see a small power bump, with the 370Z receiving an 8kW/8Nm increase in its outputs once it was given the Nismo treatment.

The bulk of the upgrades will likely go into making the car perform better on the track with handling-focused upgrades, as hinted at on the prototype above.

Nissan is set to release the standard Z in Australia later this year so expect more information on the Nismo version in the near future.