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Toyota GR86 2022: September release date confirmed with new special edition


The new GR86 will finally launch in Australia in September, and it will pack a limited-run, 86-strong limited edition grade at that time

The highly-anticipated Toyota GR86 is due in Australia this September, with more details surrounding its 10 year special edition to be revealed at that time.

Toyota is set to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the GR86 sports car with just 86 examples coming to Australia. 

Members of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Club will have priority access to ordering the special tenth-anniversary variant.

Toyota GR86 10th anniversary edition
The Toyota GR86 10th anniversary edition will be available in orange!

Toyota says that it has sold nearly 22,000 examples of its 86 sports car in Australia since the model debuted in 2012.

Now renamed the GR86, the revised rear-wheel drive coupe will compete against its cousin – the second-generation Subaru BRZ – as well as other budget sports cars such as the Hyundai i20 N, and Toyota’s own GR Yaris hot hatch. 

What is the tenth anniversary edition of the GR86?

Toyota GR86 10th anniversary edition seats
Inside the 10th Anniversary GR86

The tenth-anniversary GR86 will certainly stand out in its bright orange colourway, along with featuring a two-tone black and orange interior. 

The shoulder pads of the driver and passenger door trims will also be embossed with tenth-anniversary embroidery. 

Power will be unchanged for the new 2.4-litre, naturally-aspirated flat-four engine that makes 174kW/250Nm, but, never fear, that is still a decent increase of 21kW/38Nm over the last generation 2.0-litre flat-four engine. 

Toyota GR86 10th anniversary edition embossed
Special embossed lettering will come with the 86 examples brought to Australia

Chasing Cars reported on a tenth-anniversary model around three months ago and speculated that some exterior parts could be added such as a darkened bumper, side skirts, rear wing and different wheels, but it seems that it is simply a colour change and interior trim differences for the time being. 

There could be a hotter GR86 coming in the future, however nothing has been confirmed at this early stage of the car’s life. 

What could the Toyota GR86 cost in Australia?

Toyota GR86 10th anniversary edition interior
Little bits of orange here and there help compliment the bright exterior

Chasing Cars crunched the numbers and found out a rough pricing estimate for the new Toyota GR86.

We estimated that the new GR86 could cost around $35,000 before on-road costs for the base manual version, with an automatic version costing around $42,000. 

This is cheaper than the GR86’s twin sibling, the Subaru BRZ, that starts from $38,990 before on-road costs for a base manual, with the automatic version demanding an additional $3800.

If you can hold on and wait until September, the Toyota will definitely be a cheaper buy, and might also steer that little bit sweeter thanks to revised suspension.