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Honda HR-V 2022: all-new small SUV will arrive with hybrid power this year

John Law

Honda has revealed an all-new HR-V small SUV that will be available with a hybrid powertrain this year.

On the outset the 2022 Honda HR-V departs from the current car in both looks and technology, punching upmarket with a more premium feel inside and an electrified powertrain nestled under the bonnet.

Exact details will be revealed soon, but considering this is just a teaser the Japanese carmaker has been quite upfront regarding the drivetrains.

Honda HR-V 2021-3
Inside the new HR-V will punch upmarket with swish design.

The new HR-V will be thrown into competition with a talented mix of small SUVs that include the Skoda Kamiq, Mazda CX-30, and the Toyota C-HR.

In profile, the new HR-V has adopted a sloping roofline that looks like a melange of a Porsche Cayenne Coupe, Mazda MX-30 and a Honda e with its minimal rear overhang.

Like the outgoing HR-V, the new car’s rear door handles remain hidden in the black plastic trim. The front end demonstrates quite a departure from the current HR-V, with an attractive and contemporary body-colour front grille.

Honda HR-V 2021-2
The exterior design is quite a departure from the current car, with a coupe-like sloping roof.

Around the rear, a full-width taillight design modernises the look of the HR-V while emphasising its stance.

In the cabin, the new HR-V has clearly moved upmarket with a swish of chrome trim encircling the gearstick and sleek controls oriented towards the driver.

Gone is Honda’s current infotainment system, in its place, is a tablet-style touchscreen that looks more contemporary, and attractive looking steering wheel.

Honda HR-V 2021-4
There is a new tablet-style touchscreen – though yours won’t be in Japanese.

Practicality is key to the current HR-V’s appeal and the new small SUV to retain its thoughtful touches, including the fully flat floor and the fold up-and-away rear bench. 

There will also be rear air vents and USB charging ports to keep passengers happy, with extra seat cushioning for added comfort.

Australia may differ, but in Europe, Honda’s intriguing e:HEV petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain will be the standard option. Unlike systems found in the Toyota C-HR and Yaris Cross, Honda’s system is more reminiscent of a range-extender EV.

Honda HR-V 2021-7
In European markets the new HR-V will be hybrid only.

A small petrol engine runs as a generator to keep the small battery (with less than 1kWh capacity) charged. That means the car is driven exclusively by the electric motors, with either front or all-wheel-drive offered. 

With this powertrain, the smaller Honda Jazz manages a fuel consumption figure of around 4L/100km – meaning the HR-V will likely be rated to consume about 4.5L/100km, providing Honda with a direct rival to the Toyota C-HR Hybrid.

In Japan, where the HR-V is called a Vezel, the SUV will also be offered with a naturally-aspirated 1.5-litre engine carried over from the last car with around 97kW of power and 155Nm of torque.

Honda HR-V 2021-6
According to Honda Australia, the HR-V will land down under within the next 12 months.

However, the 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine that currently powers Australian cars may be discontinued.

When quizzed about the HR-V’s Australian future, Honda Australia acting public relations manager Justin Lacy confirmed that he was excited about the new car. “The current HR-V continues to be one of the most popular and successful models in the Honda range”.

Mr Lacy added that he was “looking forward to the new model joining the line-up in Australia over the next 12 months”.