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Toyota GR Yaris to get 10 percent more power, taking tune from GR Corolla Morizo


Outputs for a hotter GR Yaris will lift by 20kW/30Nm to the same outputs as the GR Corolla Morizo edition

The Toyota GR Yaris has been confirmed by Gazoo Racing’s chief engineer to be getting a more potent version of the 1.6-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine, according to UK reports.

The tuned-up version of the G16E-GTS three-pot is the version of the engine fitted to the upcoming five-door GR Corolla Morizo edition. 

UK automotive outlet Autocar has reported that power and torque numbers will go up slightly – 20kW/30Nm – on the current outputs of 200KW/370Nm. This was confirmed by Gazoo Racing’s chief engineer Naoyuki Sakamoto. 

The GR Yaris will get GR Corolla power!

Will this update just be a power and torque boost?

The next update for a flagship GR Yaris is likely to also include extreme weight savings such as the deletion of the rear pews, but basic things such as single-zone climate control and speaker system will remain. 

Autocar reports that the GR Corolla’s Morizo nameplate is likely to be put on the hot Yaris in the future where the lightweight variant is set to sit above the current standard and Rallye specifications. 

A new close-ratio six-speed transmission will replace the GR Yaris’ current setup that can also handle more power and torque. 

Toyota GR Yaris Rallye 2021-7
The current Toyota GR Yaris Rallye

What about the trick three-exit exhaust system from the GR Corolla?

Sakamoto told Autocar that due to the size of the GR Yaris, the tight packaging means that the updated GR Yaris will not receive the triple-exit exhaust system. 

Toyota engineers have told automotive press that the GR Corolla’s triple-exit exhaust is functional in that at high rpm, a valve opens letting exhaust gases escape through each of the side pipes. The goal? To relieve back-pressure in the exhaust system and to make its power efficiently.

Toyota GR Yaris: prices in Australia

All prices listed are before on-road costs.

  • GR Yaris: $49,500
  • GR Yaris Rallye: $54,500