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Toyota GR Yaris 2022: orders resume for Australia with 160 cars on their way


Toyota will resume orders for its GR Yaris hot hatch on November 10 after a extensive sales pause that began in July 2021

After a long 15 month hiatus from the Australian market, the Toyota GR Yaris is back – with the manufacturer confirming that order books will reopen in November for the all-wheel drive hot hatch.

Toyota says it has secured 160 examples of the GR Yaris for the Australian market after sales were paused back in July 2021, with orders for the new allocation to commence from 10 November. 

The Japanese automaker’s local arm said that demand is expected to exceed supply, with Toyota Australia’s vice president of sales, marketing and franchise operations Sean Hanley saying “even we were surprised at the phenomenal level of customer demand”. 

Australia will get 160 Toyota GR Yaris units in 2023

Pricing will remain the same as before, with the standard GR Yaris starting at $49,500 before on-road costs and the Rallye edition available for $54,500 before on-road costs. 

While the prices haven’t increased from July last year, they’re much higher than the promotional prices that featured at the launch of the GR Yaris. Notably, the standard version of the GR Yaris cost just $39,950 driveaway when it launched in September 2020.

Has anything else changed for the Toyota GR Yaris?

Toyota has made some minor changes to the colour options for the latest allocation of GR Yaris Rallye, now including glacier white, tarmac black and feverish red that will join the existing frosted white pearl paint option. 

Both standard and Rallye variants will be available

The unique numbered build plaques have been removed from the Rallye version of the GR Yaris.

For now, power and torque figures will remain unchanged, so the GR Yaris will continue to be powered by a turbocharged 1.6-litre three-cylinder petrol engine with outputs of 200kW/370Nm

However, according to an earlier Chasing Cars report, the GR Yaris will receive a power boost to match the engine fitted to the upcoming GR Corolla Morizo edition. 

Toyota anticipates the GR Yaris to sell out fast

This will see the GR Yaris produce 220kW/400Nm, making the hot GR Yaris a strong competitor for the likes of the Volkswagen Golf R and the upcoming Honda Civic Type R

Toyota Supra manual also available for order on November 10

Toyota Australia has also opened the order books for the much-anticipated manual Supra.

The first manual Toyota Supra of the current J29 generation is pricing from $87,000 before on roads for the GT variant, while the range-topping GTS variant will cost buyers $97,000 before on-road costs. 

Toyota GR Supra 2023 manual transmission
The manual Toyota GR Supra should be quite good fun!

The six-speed manual transmission will cost the same as the automatic Supra variant. 

Toyota’s upcoming GR86 and GR Corolla are also on the horizon, with the GR Corolla due for a first quarter 2023 release with 500 units announced for the first allocation. 

Toyota Yaris 2022: prices in Australia

All prices listed are before on-road costs.

  • Yaris ascent sport: $23,740
  • Yaris SX: $27.130
  • Yaris ZR: $30,200
  • Yaris SX Hybrid: $29,130
  • Yaris ZR Hybrid: $32,200 
  • GR Yaris: $49,500
  • GR Yaris Rallye: $54,500