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Suzuki to launch at least six EVs by 2030, including what could be an electric Jimny 4WD


A wave of new EVs has been outlined for the coming years with Australia likely to be a recipient of many of the vehicles planned

Suzuki has confirmed it will launch six fully electric vehicles by 2030 with the first to make its debut in Japan this year.

The Japanese manufacturer confirmed its plans this week and released a silhouette of several electric vehicles it has in the works, including what appears to be a version of its popular Jimny 4WD.

Suzuki EV line-up
What appears to be a Jimny (top right) was shown during the presentation.

Focusing on its primary markets of Japan, Europe and India, Suzuki will kick off its onslaught of new vehicles in its home market with small commercial vehicles in 2023, before later expanding to a total of six EVs with a range of small passenger vehicles and SUVs.

Europe will see the arrival of its first of five electric vehicles in 2024, with the local line-up to consist of some SUVS and B-segment vehicles (such as the Suzuki Swift).

As we know little about these cars or what they are, we can only estimate that Suzuki will produce at least six EVs but it will likely be more.

Suzuki Ignis 2022 front grille surround
Suzuki has outlined a total of 6 new EVs, with five of those coming to Europe

Notably, Suzuki says EVs will make up 20 percent of its 2030 line-up in Japan and 15 percent in India, but that figure swells to a massive 80 percent for Europe.

While nothing has specifically been outlined for Australia, it’s likely that the local arm of Suzuki will be able to pick and choose from the vehicles – as long as the models are available in right-hand-drive.

Suzuki eVX concept 2023 rear 3/4
Suzuki’s eVX concept will go into production in 2025

Furthermore, Suzuki says it will seek to achieve carbon neutrality in Japan and Europe by 2050, though it has given itself until 2070 to do the same in India. 

The announcement comes not long after Suzuki unveiled its eVX concept vehicle, with the small- to medium-sized SUV set to go on sale in production form in 2025 and could serve as a replacement for the Grand Vitara.

Equipped with a 60kWh battery, the eVX is said to have a maximum range of 550km on a single charge and is also armed with 4×4 capability.

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