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Genesis GV60 2022: fully electric coupe SUV set for Australian release next year


As part of a wider electric vehicle strategy, the GV60 has been unveiled sitting on a purpose-built chassis with an array of eye chatting features.

Genesis has unveiled the GV60 which brings rugged flavour to the marque’s growing lineup of SUVs and dedicated electric underpinnings with some notable benefits. 

The GV60 sits on the Hyundai Motor Group’s shared E-GMP platform that delivers up to 528km of range (WLTP) in other vehicles that utilise this modular electric chassis – including the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6.

Genesis has unveiled the GV60 fully electric SUV which is expected to debut next year

Charging speeds of up to 350kW are supported by the platform, enabling a top-up from 10 to 80 per cent in just 18 minutes.

If it makes it to Australia, the GV60 is expected to compete against other luxury SUVs such as the Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric and Mercedes-Benz EQC.

Wearing the trademark split quad headlight and taillight design the GV60 has a familiar Genesis face which is enhanced further with a huge grille in the name of styling but also to help cool the internal batteries.

The GV60 separates itself from its electric SUV rivals by offering coupe body shape

In an effort to clean up the body lines, Genesis has fitted a single-piece clamshell bonnet that encompasses the fenders, which creates body lines that flow along the car into a kink over the rear C pillar before ending on a small spoiler.

A point of difference from its rivals is the coupe-like shape of the body which has become increasingly more popular for SUV buyers and is not currently offered on many of its rivals.

The GV60 sits low to the ground for an SUV, similar to the Ioniq 5 midsize SUV of which it shares a platform, though is noticeably more rugged looking than its siblings the GV70 midsize SUV or GV80 large SUV.

A long wheelbase shared with the GV60’s e-GMP chassis counterparts promises substantial interior space.

Internal digital mirrors are used in place of traditional mirrors

This is due to the contrasting grey bodywork and wheel arches, though the rather extroverted wheel design still provides a hit at its style-focused design. 

Previous spy shots have given an indication of the highlight features inside including the interior display screens in place of traditional mirrors, as we’ve seen previously with the Audi e-tron large SUV.

Another new element for Genesis brand is the wide-screen display that connects both the digital driver’s display and centre multimedia touchscreen into one clear piece.

The rest of the interior is more familiar to Genesis fans with the circular control unit for the touchscreen and a Crystal Sphere which appears to control the direction of travel.

A widescreen display dominates the interior by connecting the digital driver’s display and centre touchscreen

A new steering wheel design forgoes the rugby ball shape found in the GV80 but keeps the two-spoke design while adding larger buttons and drive mode toggles underneath.

One of the benefits of the dedicated EV underpinnings is the ability to have a completely flat floor that means the GV60 will likely have a deceptive amount of legroom inside.

For now, Genesis has not supplied any hard figures on performance, interior space or what options might be available but we expect that to come in time.

With the recent unveiling, the GV60 is likely to be one of the two EVs confirmed to arrive in Australia next year, though nothing has yet been confirmed.