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Cheaper Hyundai Ioniq 5 set for Australian release with smaller battery, 77.4kWh pack ruled out

John Law

Hyundai will add cheaper variants to its Ioniq 5 midsize electric SUV, but a larger battery to match the Kia EV6 has been ruled out

The 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 midsize SUV – the brand’s current flagship electric vehicle – is sold in Australia in two range-topping variants with just a choice of rear-wheel drive (RWD) for $71,900 before on-road costs, or all-wheel drive (AWD) for $4000 more.

But running changes applied to the Ioniq 5 in the United States and United Kingdom will not immediately come to Australia, with a spokesperson for Hyundai Australia telling Chasing Cars that it will not introduce a larger 77.4kWh battery pack found in the Kia EV6 that shares the Hyundai’s e-GMP architecture.

A Hyundai spokesperson confirmed that there are no plans to bring the bigger battery pack (which increases the WLTP range claim by a not-insignificant 29km) to Australia for the time being.

Hyundai Ioniq 2022 turbines
The Ioniq 5 will soon be available in more permutations

Instead, the Australian-specification Ioniq 5 Long Range will continue with a slightly smaller 72.6kWh battery, but a smaller 58kWh Standard Range battery is on the way, set to be slotted into cheaper Ioniq 5 trim levels for Australia. The brand says “up to three variants” will feature in the Ioniq 5 range locally in future.

Additionally, Hyundai Australia would not be drawn on whether it will follow foreign markets in adopting new ZF Sachs frequency-selective dampers for the Ioniq 5 locally – a technology imminently launching on the Kia EV6.

Cheaper Ioniq 5 on the way to Australia soon

Hyundai Australia will bring in the smaller 58kWh battery to give it a price-leader in the dedicated EV space and a stronger rival to the Tesla Model 3 (from $59,900), the Polestar 2 (from $59,900) and the Kia EV6 (from $67,990).

Pricing and final specification for the new Australian variants is still to be confirmed, however we do have insight into the standard-range Ioniq 5 recipe as it is currently on-sale in the UK. 

Tesla Model 3 2021 red
A more affordable Ioniq 5 would rival the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range

In Australia the Ioniq 5 is only available in a single variant that is equivalent to the range-topping Ultimate in the UK. According to a Hyundai Australia spokesperson, the UK’s three-grade lineup is similar to what we could eventually see here.

The standard-range Ioniq 5 is available in the same three trim levels as the long-range: SE Connect, Premium and Ultimate.

The base model standard-range SE Connect looks well equipped with handsome cloth seats and smaller 19-inch alloy wheels though without sacrificing technology as it still gets a digital driver’s display and large 12.3-inch central touchscreen. 

In its more affordable permutation the Ioniq 5 has a 58kWh lithium-ion battery pack that shortens the WLTP-rated range from 485km to 400km.

Hyundai Ioniq 2022 charging
The Standard Range Ioniq 5 can still ultra-rapid charge at up to 350kW

The smaller battery pack doesn’t impact the Ioniq 5’s 800-volt electrical system that allows DC ultra-rapid recharging speeds up to 350kW

A single electric motor producing 125kW of power and 350Nm of torque is the only drive option for the standard-range battery, with twin motors and 225kW/605Nm restricted to the long-range variants.

With Hyundai already flagging three variants as a possible range for the Ioniq 5 in future, it’s possible the Australian arm will apply its current naming conventions with a base car known as Ioniq 5, a mid-spec called Elite and a top-shelf variant – in essence, the current version – badged as Highlander.

How much lower can the Ioniq 5’s price go?

Because the Ioniq 5 is currently available only in one highly-equipped specification in Australia, it is one of the more expensive midsize EVs when considering starting price – particularly in light of the circa-$60K Polestar and Tesla options.

Hyundai Ioniq 2022 cabin
Inside the Ioniq 5’s more affordable grades keep all the technology but lose the leather seats

In the UK, the difference in price between Ultimate long range rear-drive (£44,635) and base-model SE Connect standard range (£37,365) suggest that an Ioniq 5 base model could start at $60,000 before on-road costs in Australia.

Final specification, pricing and model lineup for the Ioniq 5 standard range remain to be confirmed by Hyundai’s Australian arm.

We also know there are further changes to Ioniq 5 specification globally that Australian cars won’t see for now. 

These tweaks include the availability of digital mirror tech (as seen on the Genesis GV60 and Audi e-tron), further optimised charging protocol and the adoption of Sachs Smart Frequency Dampers.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 2022: prices in Australia

All prices listed are before on-road costs.

  • Ioniq 5 RWD: $71,900
  • Ioniq 5 AWD: $75,900