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This week on Chasing Cars: BRZ priced for Australia, Forester heads to the Wilderness and Mercedes’ EQ onslaught


Welcome back to your weekly wrap up of car news and reviews, where we find all the bits that matter and condense them down into one easy read.

In a week focused very much on moving towards sustainability in the automotive sector it was good to see that creativity has not been lost in the mix.

Hyundai pulled out brilliant ideas like its autonomous truck that needs to be seen to be believed and a 500kW, hydrogen-powered RWD coupe, which will likely make it to production in some form. It was all a welcome shock for sure.

Porsche Mission R 2022-7
If the future is electric and looks like this, we won’t have any complaints

Porsche didn’t let us down either, releasing the wild Mission R concept which previews the inevitable electric future of the Cayman. It will not only be very fast but looks the part too with a huge but elegant rear wing the clear party piece.

Away from EV news, we also saw some very alluring images of the next-generation Ford Ranger in its natural habitat drifting across lakes and climbing mountains.

But this only really scratched the surface of the news this week so let’s jump straight into it.

Subaru BRZ 2022 WR blue front 2
Priced from $38,990 before on-road costs the BRZ remains relatively affordable

Subaru BRZ priced for Australia

Historically a car can be fun, fast and cheap but not all three. However, that may not be the case with the second generation Subaru BRZ which has been priced from $38,990 before on-road costs.

While that does translate to the low-mid $40k region once you tack on a few taxes it’s the cheapest rear wheel drive coupe on the market and looks to outperform its predecessor in a number of areas.

Subaru will offer its new sports car in two grades known as the BRZ Coupe and BRZ Coupe S and priced them at $38,990 and $40,190 respectively (before on-road costs). The auto does command a hefty $3,800 premium, however.

Toyota is expected to offer a cheaper starting price on the GR 86 twin as it has chosen a more stripped-down version for the base model while Subaru has more features as standard.

We’ve done a separate article breaking down the five key differences between the two which you can read here.

Subaru Forester Wilderness edition 2022 front 3/4 driving distance
The Forester Wilderness edition jacks up the suspension and adds a tougher exterior body

Subaru Forester Wilderness unleashed

In some very different Subaru news, over the United States, the company unveiled the Forester Wilderness edition, which is a beefed-up version of the popular midsize SUV that you won’t be afraid to take off road.

Engineers started by raising the ride height to 233mm, some 42mm higher than a standard Volkswagen Tiguan, gave it big mud tyres and dressed it with a more durable exterior.

Subaru also added a ladder-type roof rack that’s able to carry 100kg while on the move or 362kg when stopped – making it much easier to step up a roof-mounted tent away from the bugs and dirt.

The Forester Wilderness and the Outback Wilderness remain of keen interest to Subaru Australia but they are yet to confirm either for our market.

Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 2022 front 3/4 static
Mercedes-AMG released its first electric sports car in the EQS 53

Mercedes-Benz can’t stop launching new EVs

Most companies release cars one by one but Mercedes-Benz, always an efficient bunch, decided to drop several on the same day.

The one most likely to soak up the sales is the EQE which is an electric version of the E-Class sedan. It looks quite a lot like the EQS and has a bit less range, but is still packed with plenty of technology to satisfy a new generation of buyers.

EQG isn’t ready just yet but the obvious electrification of the G-Class looks quite ready and will come to market at some point. Plus, with a low centre of gravity and four independent motors it could actually be even better off road than the petrol or diesel version.

Mercedes-AMG debuted its first-ever performance electric car in the AMG EQS 53 which will come to Australia in 2022 with its ridiculous 560kW/1020Nm outputs and S-Class luxury.

Ford Ranger 2022 front 3/4 driving
We got our first official look at the ranger ahead of its 2022 release

Other car and SUV news we covered this week:

  • Hyundai Motor Group held its Hydrogen Wave forum this week where it outlined a plan to make hydrogen commonplace by 2040 and would start with commercial vehicles by offering a hydrogen-electric powertrain option across its entire lineup by 2023.
  • And then – out of absolutely nowhere – Hyundai dropped the Vision FX concept: a rear wheel drive battery-electric and hydrogen-powered coupe built with Rimac, this is one you’ll really want to read more on.
  • The Volkswagen Group’s Cupra brand is absolutely determined to bring the all-electric Born hot hatch to Australia at some point in 2022 but the specifics are still being worked out.
  • Another day, another Tesla delay. Company CEO Elong Musk announced the highly anticipated Roadster would be delayed until at least 2023, falling just shy of its original 2020 deadline. 
  • BMW Group announced it would launch EVs to cover almost every market niche by 2023 in both the BMW and Mini brands and plans to sell more than 10 million fully electric vehicles over the next 10 years.
Kia Sportage 2022-7
We had our first hands-on look at the Kia Sportage this week

Cars and SUVs that we reviewed this week: