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Chevrolet’s Malibu shows us a post-Commodore future



The Chevrolet Malibu may seem like an unfamiliar prospect for Australian buyers, but this large American sedan gives us a solid look at a post-Commodore Holden.

As we know, GM is utterly committed to transforming the local brand from a manufacturer to an exclusive import business. We’re fairly solid in the belief that the next Commodore will be sourced from Germany based on the Opel Insignia platform; however, we need to look to GM’s American offerings to get an idea of the kind of Holden we will come to know.


The refreshed Malibu launched overnight at the New York Auto Show in both petrol and electric-hybrid forms, with the hybrid attracting fanfare for offering a combined economy of just 5.0L/100km.

American powertrains have lagged behind more efficient European offerings for some time, but even the gasoline-powered Malibu’s standard engine is a 1.5-litre turbocharged four. The optional two-litre high output turbo is the faster option.

A weight reduction of more than 130 kilograms was touted by Chevrolet to radically improve dynamics – and significant emphasis was placed on the lengthening of the Malibu’s wheelbase by four inches, to improve legroom in the back in response to customer feedback.


The interior represents a step-up from the fleet special Holden Malibu on sale in our market now: the floating infotainment system is an ode to Mercedes-style tablet navigation devices and soft touch materials abound.

We’ll be standing by for information about whether we can expect the new Malibu to head to Australia.

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