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2015 Toyota Camry: Australian price and specs


The last-ever Toyota Camry to be built in Australia has been revealed. Produced at the company’s Altona, Victoria plant, the last local Camry sees prices slashed by up to $5,000. The price of entry to a Camry is the lowest it’s been in 18 years, with the base model priced at just $26,490.

Sleeker and sportier, the 2015 Camry makes use of an American design with Australian revisions. Our cars receive tougher climate control systems and dust-proofing: this is on account of about 80% of Australian Camrys being prepared for export to markets in the Middle East.

Toyota’s updates to the Camry are designed to keep the Camry at the top: sales aren’t slowing, and the Camry continues to utterly dominate its segment, with a 41% market share.

20% of parts are swapped for new designs over the last car – the most obvious being the radical new exterior design, which attempts to shed the Camry’s cardigan-like image. Under the skin, though, the engines remain the same. There’s still one petrol, a 2.5-litre aspirated four-cylinder producing 133kW and 231Nm in the base model, and 135kW and 235Nm in higher-spec cars.

The petrol sits alongside an electric-hybrid choice which pairs the gas-burner 2.5-litre with an electric motor, for a total system output of 151kW.

Four models now make up the Camry range, three of which can be had with the hybrid for extra cost – including the Altise base model for the first time. The Atara SX trim is new and features a specific sports suspension and dampers, designed to lure more of the under-fifty crowd into the Camry stable, away from the Mazda 6 and Subaru Liberty competition.

2015 Toyota Camry Atara SL with optional 18 inch wheels

Starting from the base Altise variant ($26,490), all Camrys now receive daytime running lights, a reversing camera, seven airbags, and touchscreen infotainment. In the Altise, that’s in the form of a six-inch unit. The base Hybrid justifies its $4,000 penalty by adding push-button stat, and a dual-zone climate control system.

The mid-spec Camry Atara S (petrol, $29,490 and hybrid, $32,490) adds larger 17-inch alloys; electric adjustment for the driver’s seat; rear parking sensors; a leather-wrapped steering wheel; and built-in Toyota Link app supports through the infotainment screen. Petrol Atara S models gain a dual-exhaust system that sees power and torque rise slightly, as well as paddle shifters.

The petrol-only Atara SX ($31,990) claims a sportier focus and benefits from 18-inch wheels, and pairs a faster steering ratio to a unique suspension setup.

The Atara SL (petrol, $37,4490 and hybrid, $40,400) remains the flagship. The SL now gains standard advanced safety technology: a bonza update sees forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, active cruise control, lane departure warning, a blind-spot monitor, and cross-traffic alert all added, as standard. Additionally, the SL receives high beam and rain sensors, leather trim, and satellite navigation.

2015 Toyota Camry range: pricing

All prices are RRP list prices, before on-road costs or options.

  • Altise petrol: $26,490
  • Altise hybrid: $30,490
  • Atara S petrol: $29,490
  • Atara S hybrid: $32,490
  • Atara SX petrol: $31,990
  • Atara SL petrol: $37,440
  • Atara SL hybrid: $40,400

2015 Toyota Camry Atara SL hybrid