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Porsche’s ‘Sally Special’ sells for over $5.2M at auction

Chasing Cars Team

Profits from selling the tribute to Pixar’s ‘Cars’ franchise are going towards Ukraine refugee support

As one of the most iconic Porsche 911s to grace the silver screen as of late, it should be of little surprise to hear that the official ‘Sally Special’ one-off tribute generated a fair amount of buzz recently.

So much so that the 992 911 Carrera GTS-based car, built by Porsche Exclusive, managed to fetch over $5 million when the hammer dropped over at Monterey Car Week in the US last week. 

It’s also worth noting that this is the highest price a new Porsche has ever sold for. 

Porsche Sally Special 2022 with small Sally
The Porsche Sally Special with the original Sally from the film Cars

According to the official release, the winning bid came from an unknown telephone bidder, so it’s unknown as to where in the world this very special 911 is going to end up.

On top of getting one of the coolest 911s ever built by Porsche, this new owner also receives a ‘Sally Special’ design book, detailing the build process, a Porsche design watch, and a second set of 996-inspired five-spoke wheels.

Proceeds from this sale are going to be split between Girls Inc., which is an empowerment advocate for girls, and USA for UNHCR, which is an agency helping refugees displaced by the war in Ukraine.

Porsche Sally Special 2022 steering wheel buttons
A kachow button replaces the regular sports mode

Starting out life as a fully-loaded 911 Carrera GTS with a seven-speed manual transmission, this coupe underwent a few special upgrades to bring it to its current ‘Sally Special’ form.

These include the 996-style five-spoke alloy wheels, the same pinstriping tattoo underneath the rear wing as in the movie, ‘Cars’ inspired valve caps, and the same shade of blue as the character wore in the movie.

Porsche Sally Special 2022 interior
Inside the Porsche 911 ‘Sally Special’

On the inside it gets a special quilted pattern interior as well as body coloured panels across the dash. Arguably the best addition in the cabin comes in the form of the sports mode button that’s been relabelled as a ‘Kachow mode’ button.

Though record-setting this price of over $5 million is hard to fathom for such an enhanced vehicle, clearly the figure transacted was in the primary spirit of contributing to a worthy cause.