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Nissan unveils all-electric Max-Out convertible to showcase the future of sports cars


While Nissan’s immediate EV plans consist of mass-appeal SUVs, the Japanese brand has displayed its commitment to drivers’ cars with its latest concept

Nissan has unveiled a prototype version of its all-electric Max-Out concept previewing what could become a production convertible model in the future.

Initially unveiled in render form in late 2021, the Max-Out concept was revealed online alongside three other concepts, including a ute and the expected successor to the Nissan Leaf, to tease the 23 hybrid and fully electric vehicles the brand promises to release by 2030.

Nissan Max-Out concept 2023 front 3/4
Nissan has unveiled its Max-Out concept in physical form

Now in physical form, the two-seater convertible will be shown off at the ‘Nissan Futures’ event at its global headquarters in the coming days, showcasing a futuristic and minimalist design.

Retro-futuristic design to aid performance and range

With a curved wedge-shaped silhouette, smooth wheels and a bubble-style windscreen it’s clear that aerodynamics is a strong focus of the concept, likely to aid both driving range and performance at higher speeds.

A squared-off frontal design is somewhat reminiscent of muscle cars of old, with the ‘grille’ appearing to feed air through various channels but primarily over the front windscreen for added downforce.

Nissan Max-Out concept 2023 seats
The seats are able to slide back when needed

Similar styling can be seen at the rear, where a single-piece tail-light has been replaced with ‘Nissan’ badging shown in the centre, with a three-dimensional effect added for good measure.

The interior features a yoke-style steering wheel and a single-piece display stretching across the cabin to serve as both a digital driver’s display and control for the multimedia, though unlike Mercedes-Benz ‘Hyperscreen’ it’s not divided into three clear sections.

Most intriguing, however, are the seats, which are able to extend out from the rear of the cabin, to create extra space when needed.

Nissan Max-Out concept 2023 rear
The full-width display is used for the tail-light

While nothing is known about how the car actually drives, Nissan indicated in a statement that driving pleasure has not been left behind in the design.

“The Nissan Max-Out two-seater convertible is designed to provide a liberating sense of openness while offering an enhanced, dynamic driving experience,” it said.

Although Nissan has only recently unveiled its latest generation Z sports car, emissions regulations have meant it is unable to go on sale in parts of Europe and may curtail its future lifespan in other markets.

Nissan Z Tasmania road front 3/4
Nissan only recently unveiled its latest generation Z sports car

Because of this, it’s unsurprising to see Nissan showcasing an electric prototype of what could become its next sports car so soon.

When will more Nissan EVs arrive in Australia?

While Nissan has long been playing in the EV space with the Leaf hatch, the local arm of the Japanese brand is expected to double down on this venture with the Ariya midsize SUV – though exactly when it will arrive is yet to be confirmed.

The next generation of the Leaf – which is reportedly set to transform the model into a small SUV – could present another avenue to introduce Nissan EVs to Australia.

It’s unclear when the Ariya will come to Australia

Of course, many Australian buyers will be keen on the electric ute concept that was previously shown, but it’s unclear when or if this will arrive in production form.

The next generation of the Nissan Navara is expected to share a fair chunk of its components with the new Triton from sibling brand Mitsubishi, but both of these models are expected to introduce hybrid options rather than a full-blown EV drivetrain, at least initially.

Chasing more Nissan?

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