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Nissan previews four EV concept cars in future mobility announcement


We breakdown the four new concepts from Nissan that launched as part of the Nissan Futures mobility presentation

Nissan have pulled the covers off not one but four new concept vehicles that preview the future of the brand as the industry turns towards electrification.

The concepts were unveiled as part of Nissan pledge to launch 23 fully-electric and hybrid vehicles by 2030 that you can read about in a separate article.

Here, we break down the four concepts, what makes them unique and what cars they will likely replace in a future of electric mobility. 

Nissan concept range
The Nissan concept range is an impressive outlook on the future

Nissan Chill-out 

Nissan Chill out concept
The Nissan Chill-out will likely be the first of the concepts to make production
Nissan Chill out concept side view
We could see a production version of the Chill-out sooner rather than later

After teasing this small SUV in previous announcements, the ‘Chill-out’ concept features a sleek shape and Qashqai-styled looks, the EV is built upon the CMF-EV platform and features e-4ORCE all-wheel drive. 

Designed as a crossover between a hatchback and an SUV, the Chill-out wouldn’t look out of place next to cars such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5

The Chill-out will likely be the first of the four concepts to come to life in the real world with production models to arrive within the next few years. 

Fans of the design will be happy to hear that this concept likely previews the replacement for the Leaf that is expected to be available within the next five years. 

Nissan Max-out 

Nissan Max Out convertible concept
It could be something out of Blade Runner but the Max-out offers drop-top thrills
Nissan Max Out convertible concept top view
Continuous LED tail lights are a highlight of the rear end

The Max-out, along with the Surf-out and Hang-out, will debut solid state battery technology when they are released at the end of the decade. Codenamed ASSB (all solid state battery), the technology allows for a skateboard battery layout with a very low centre of gravity and allows for a wide variety of vehicle types. 

Major benefits of solid state technology include greater power, less weight and better range, while also being a lower fire risk than lithium-ion – while also cutting charging times to around a third, according to Nissan.

Leading the pack is the Max-out concept, a convertible sports car style of vehicle which aims to be ultra lightweight while providing dynamic cornering prowess and limited body roll. 

With a low centre of gravity thanks to the skateboard layout battery packs, the Max-out aims to give the driver a sense of connection to the road and a sporty driving feeling. 

Is this a convertible, all electric Nissan Z? We think so. 

Nissan Surf-out 

Nissan Surf out concept side view
This is what the future Navara could look like if all goes to plan
Nissan Surf out concept rear view
Personalised messages on the tailgate is certainly a innovative idea

The Surf-out debuts a completely new look for a Nissan ute and previews what we could see from a futuristic Nissan Navara ute come the end of the 2020s. 

Nissan describes the Surf-out as a car that provides “a smooth ride regardless of the terrain” with multiple power options available (however these are undisclosed at this time). 

Off-road performance, extended cargo space and advanced all-wheel drive with dual electric motors are all highlights for this futuristic ute. 

While some elements of this concept are unlikely to be seen on a production model, this Nissan ute looks to have enough personality to take on rivals such as the Rivian R1T and Tesla Cybertruck

Nissan Hang-out

Nissan Hang out SUV
Nissan Hang-out has a spacious interior with theatre-styled seats
Nissan Hang out SUV interior
The Hang-out’s interior offers plenty of room for four passengers

Nissan wants to change up the game when it comes to mobile living spaces, and the answer to this might just be the Hang-out. 

The Hang-out features a spacious and quiet cabin, with theatre-like seating giving occupants the same comforts they would get if they were at home. 

This concept also uses solid-state battery tech, along with e-4ORCE electric all-wheel drive. The Hang-out is likely to be a popular option for bigger families and could replace the likes of the Pathfinder or Patrol in the large SUV space.

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