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Skoda Kodiaq 2022: blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert and Canton audio still affected by chip shortage

John Law

The facelifted Kodiaq SUV has arrived in Australia, but ongoing production delays mean Skoda is unable to give an indication of when fully-specified examples will arrive

Three key features are still unavailable for Australian-delivered Skoda Kodiaq SUVs months after the brand began to struggle fitting a number of safety and convenience technologies due to global shortages of semiconductors, and latterly, wiring harnesses.

In February, Chasing Cars reported that Australian buyers keen to get their hands on a 2022 Skoda Kodiaq would have to wait indefinitely to receive a fully-specified RS variant ($74,990 driveaway).

The problems extend to the entry-level Kodiaq Style 4×4 and mid-specification Kodiaq Sportline 4×4 variants as well as the full-fat RS, but signs of improvement are on the horizon after the brand resumed production of Area View – the 360-degree parking camera tech that was stripped from the Kodiaq builds in recent months.

Skoda Kodiaq 2022 features-2
Australian Skoda Kodiaq buyers are offered several ways to deal with reduced specification

Shortages have continued – and some have worsened – following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine blamed for hampering production of key wiring harnesses that power auxiliary features for models from across the Volkswagen Group.

Three key features remain off-the-table at present: Side Assist (blind spot monitoring), Rear Traffic Alert (rear cross-traffic alert), and the SUV’s optional 12-speaker Canton premium stereo. Electric child locks are also unable to be fitted at present, but manual child locks are present on the vehicle.

Buyers can insist on the fitment of any of these features, but doing so means that Skoda dealers are unable to provide any delivery timeframe.

The other option for Australian buyers is to accept deletion of the features in return for monetary compensation, with discounts of up to $1250 for cars affected by all four aforementioned features being unavailable, plus Area View which has recently come back online for new builds.

Skoda Kodiaq 2022 features-6
Some of the features missing include Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Side Assist

The situation is fluid and some vehicles have been equipped with a 360-camera, though Skoda Australia was not able to provide Chasing Cars with a timeline for when all the affected items will come back online.

Buyers unfussed by the fluctuating equipment lists will take heart in the fact Skoda reports an allocation of unsold Kodiaq SUVs is on its way to Australia with slightly decontented equipment, all of which attract various discounts for their features lists.

The price reductions for missing features are as follows:

Kodiaq Style and Sportline with Tech pack

  • Electric child locks: $50
  • Canton stereo: $400

Kodiaq Style and Sportline with Luxury pack

  • Electric child locks: $50
  • Side Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Area view: $850
  • With Area View: $491

Kodiaq Style and Sportline with Luxury and Tech pack

  • Electric child locks: $50
  • Side Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Area view, Canton stereo: $1200
  • With Area View: $840

Kodiaq RS

  • Electric child locks: $50
  • Side Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Area view, Canton stereo: $1200
  • With Area View: $840

What is causing Skoda’s supply issues?

Skoda Kodiaq 2022 features-3
Skoda’s Area View 360-camera is fitted to some Kodiaq models, so contact your dealer if you’re unsure

As with many automotive manufacturers including Toyota, Volkswagen and BMW, Skoda is facing myriad production snags. Rolling Covid lockdowns have caused factory closures, and a well-documented lack of semiconductors has also affected its ability to make new cars.

In the last month however, it has been Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that has hamstrung Skoda’s ability to source wiring harnesses. 

Skoda Australia’s head of sales Kieran Merrigan elaborated “the current biggest challenge is sourcing wiring harnesses from Ukraine for some of our models and variants, and then there are still waves of COVID going around the world.”

Skoda sold 9185 cars in Australia throughout 2021, though with 6459 vehicles registered before July 31st the company’s Australian arm predicted that with a steady supply the total sales number could have climbed to 12,000 by December 31 2021, nearly doubling its 2020 result (6607).

Skoda Kodiaq 132 TSI Sportline 2022 front
The three-row Kodiaq is available to order now

With the current run of supply holdups, Mr Merrigan said the brand is again targeting 9000 sales again this year, following a “slow start based on deliverables. March production was supposed to give some clarity and growth, but now we’ve been impacted [by the situation in Ukraine].” 

Skoda Kodiaq 2022: prices in Australia

National driveaway prices are listed below.

  • 132TSI Style: $52,990
  • 132TSI Sportline: $57,990
  • RS: $74,990