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Volkswagen Golf 2025: facelift including GTI and R confirmed for Australia “beyond 2024”


There is life left in the iconic Golf name, but as electrification looms, things could start to look quite different 

Volkswagen Australia has confirmed that it will be bringing in a facelift for its popular Golf small car after 2024, including for its high-performance GTI and R badges.

In a presentation to Australian media representatives, Volkswagen announced that a facelift for the Golf would arrive “beyond 2024”.  

This could be the last time we see a fully-combustion Golf as electrification looms for the German automaker. 

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2023-3
The current Mk8 Volkswagen Golf GTI

What is expected for a MK8.5 Golf range?

Chasing Cars has recently reported that a Mk8.5 Golf could bring more than just aesthetic changes, but also more power and better in-cabin technologies.

For the facelift, it’s likely that the current Golf Life and R-Line could remain, but the new official intel confirms that the much-loved GTI and full-fat R variants will live on in updated guises. 

Volkswagen is likely to bring out a series of special editions, especially for the GTI and R end of the lineup. 

Volkswagen Golf R 20 years 2023 front 3/4
The Mk8 Volkswagen Golf R 20 years

Although there will be some enhancement and upgrades, it’s unlikely that major changes, such as a different engine or transmission, will occur. 

It’s very possible that the Volkswagen Golf GTI could get the 195kW tune from the new Tiguan, while the 235kW R could even push as high as 260kW. 

The Volkswagen ID2all concept

What is left after Golf?

Volkswagen has also confirmed that the Volkswagen ID2 electric car – a mix in size between a Polo and a Golf – will be coming to Australia likely around 2026. 

However, Volkswagen has also globally revealed a ID GTI, which is likely to be a replacement for the iconic GTI nameplate going forward.