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Volkswagen Amarok 2023: next-gen dual-cab teased with LED IQ Lights


The teaser video released on social media shows off some clever headlights and a distinctly Volkswagen face on the new Amarok

With less than two months remaining until the second-generation Amarok is fully revealed, Volkswagen has begun to turn up the hype.

In a 17-second teaser video shared on social media overnight, the attention was focused almost exclusively on Volkswagen’s IQ Light technology integrated into the headlights of the new-generation Amarok. 

Volkswagen Amarok 2023 lights
Volkswagen has released a teaser video showcasing the Amarok’s clever LED lights

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The headlight technology is available on many of VW’s premium products and features the ability to dim sections of the beam that could dazzle oncoming traffic and even turn with the car as it rounds a corner.

The inclusion of the technology hints at Volkswagen’s determination to create a truly premium offering in the ute segment, similar to what the Mercedes-Benz X-Class attempted to achieve in 2018.

It marks the first time we’ve seen the new-gen Amarok without camouflage

Further on in the video, the shot pans out to reveal a silhouette of the all-new dual-cab, revealing a dimly lit front end with a similar frontal design to the Touareg, but with a slimmer grille design and squared-off proportions.

The latter is likely the result of Volkswagen’s collaboration with Ford on the project as part of the Ranger-Amarok design process, with the two utes sitting on the same platform and likely sharing the same V6 and four-cylinder powertrains.

It marks the first time the second-generation Amarok has been seen without any camouflage, even if it is in minimal light.

Volkswagen will unveil the new-gen Amarok fully on July 7 but between now and then we are likely to see an array of teaser images and key details confirmed, so stay tuned.