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How much does it cost to service a Volkswagen Amarok?

Daniel Gardner

At a time when the price of everything keeps going up, it will come as welcome news to buyers that the new Amarok is $400 cheaper to service than the old model over five years

Volkswagen has announced the servicing costs for its new-generation Amarok, and while the new ute is no price beater in the showroom, it looks to be one of the cheapest on the market to maintain.

For the previous-generation Amarok, servicing costs totalled $2000 for four-cylinder diesel versions, while V6 diesel variants were $200 more expensive over five years at $2200, however, all 2023 Amaroks now have a capped price total of $1800 regardless of the variant or drivetrain.

For the five-years of coverage, fixed price and maximum savings, Amarok customers must purchase the full deal up front and while the price for individual services currently equal $1800, Volkswagen does not guarantee the prices over the five years if purchased separately.

Volkswagen Amarok Style V6 2023 rear driving
Servicing for the 2023 Volkswagen Amarok is capped at $1800 over five years

Individual visits for scheduled maintenance cost between $329 (for the first, second and fourth services), the fifth service is priced at $400 while the third is the most expensive at $414 as it includes air filter and a brake fluid change.

Not only does the new cheaper pricing structure make the Amarok one of the most affordable dual cabs to maintain, it also offers one of the longest intervals between planned dealership visits, with 15,000km or 12 months between services – whichever occurs first.

For example, Toyota’s Hilux requires scheduled servicing every 10,000km or six months and costs $290 per visit – effectively equalling $580 annually or $2900 over five years.

Toyota Hilux Rogue 2022 front 3/4 low
The Toyota Hilux will cost $2900 over five years to service

While the mechanically related Ford Ranger offers the same service intervals, it costs $400 for the first and fifth visits, $470 for the second, $505 for the third and $745 for the fourth – or $2520 in total.

For comparison, Isuzu’s D-Max ute offers the same 12-month or 15,000km intervals and a longer capped price extending up to seven years, but pricing works out more expensive than the Volkswagen at $2435 total for the first five visits ($3689 over seven years).

Volkswagen Group Australia Commercial Vehicles director Ryan Davies described the deal as “extremely attractive pricing,” and confirmed Amarok customers were also offered the ServiceXpress option which guarantees routine services are completed in 60 minutes.

Volkswagen Amarok Pan Americana 2023 front 3/4 off road 2
The Volkswagen Amarok Pan Americana off-roading

“That means less time off the road and more time enjoying their great car around our great country,” he said.

In addition to the new more affordable 5-Year Care Plan capped-price servicing deal, the new Amarok is offered with a five-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty, as per all new Volkswagen models.