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Lexus revives LFA’s spirit with electric sports car concept

John Law

Lexus has given us a glimpse of a future electric sports car , but does this concept really point to a full-fat LFA successor?

Following a joint plan with Toyota to produce 30 all-new battery electric vehicles by 2030, Lexus has released additional images of its flagship sports car concept.

The car in question is tasked with “reviving the spirit of the iconic Lexus LFA”, though many would argue quite a lot of that car’s spirit came from its Yamaha-developed 412kW 4.8-litre naturally aspirated V10 engine. 

Lexus BEV Sports Concept 2022 driving
Said the “revive the LFA’s spirit”, this Lexus concept could become a reality

This car is an all-electric design study with no specifications confirmed as yet, though Lexus has laid out some engineering targets for the LFA successor simply named ‘BEV Sports concept’. 

Some of these goals include a 0-60mph (0-97km/h) sprint in the “low two-seconds” while also being capable of an oddly specific 430 miles (692km) range from a full charge. 

Lexus also suggests that future developments in solid-state battery technology (which use a solid anode instead of a gel) could be key in making this low-slung sports car concept a reality. 

How powerful will the Lexus sports car be?

Achieving the goals Lexus has set for its electric sports car shouldn’t be too difficult, given that Tesla’s four-door Model S Plaid has already nailed some of the target numbers.

Lexus BEV Sports Concept 2022 driving 4
It should have pretty impressive power outputs

With 772kW of power generated by three electric motors, Tesla says the 2162kg Model S Plaid is capable of reaching 100km/h in 2.1 seconds.

Additionally, the Model S Plaid’s circa-100kWh lithium-ion battery pack gives it 628km of range according to WLTP measurements. 

While Toyota’s BZ4X EV boasts more humble 160kW outputs, the comparison with the Model S shows that Lexus’s aims are possible to achieve with current technology.

Lexus BEV Sports Concept 2022 driving 3
We look forward to seeing the production version of this Lexus sports car

That said, the driving experience of a low-slung coupe is about more than pure speed, so the development of lighter – potentially solid-state – battery technology will help drop weight and further lower the centre of gravity.

There’s the added benefit of looks, too, which this Lexus sports car concept has in spades. Long and low, with its cabin over the rear axle, the concept’s proportions have a hint of 1967-70 Toyota 2000GT to them. 

Naturally, this Lexus BEV sports concept will evolve before it joins the carmaker’s portfolio, which is slated to happen before 2030.

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