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Nissan unveils adventure-focused EV SUV concept ahead of the Japan Mobility Show

Olek Novak

Nissan has digitally unveiled its ‘Hyper Adventure’ SUV concept, the second in a series of electric vehicle concepts that the brand will have on show at this year’s upcoming Japan Mobility Show.

Building on the everyday-adventurer theme it helped popularize with the first generation X-Trail back in 2000, the Hyper Adventure aims to look the part and build on the concept with new electric tech.

This follows the reveal of the Hyper Urban concept last week, which was akin to a Qashqai-sized SUV.

The Nissan Hyper Adventure is one of several recent EV concepts to be revealed by Nissan

Currently, Nissan offers two electric vehicles in the Leaf hatch and Ariya midsize SUV – which has not yet been released in Australia – but plans to roll out 19 new EVs to market by 2030 as part of its electric strategy acceleration efforts. 

As part of this strategy, the Japanese brand – which is also working on solid state electric batteries – has the goal for 98 percent of its cars sold in Europe to be electric by 2026. 

An SUV and a rolling battery pack

The striking design of the Hyper Adventure is billed by Nissan as a ‘sports SUV’ and plays on the concept of ‘V2X’ (vehicle-to-everything) technology. 

Nissan’s latest EV concepts have featured ‘V2X’ (vehicle-to-everything) battery technology

According to Nissan, the Hyper Adventure has a large-capacity battery that doubles as an energy source. Like the Hyper Urban, it can be used to power gadgets and other devices as well as providing power to homes (V2H) or contributing surplus power back to the grid (V2G). 

Nissan’s EV concepts target futuristic styling

Like the Hyper Urban concept – and Nissan’s long-list of EV concepts unveiled in recent years, which have ranged from a small car concept revealed only last week to a sports car revealed earlier this year – the latest four-wheeled thought bubble adopts striking styling and aims to do things a little bit differently. 

Both the Nissan Hyper Urban and Hyper Adventure concepts have featured bold designs

In describing the exterior design of the Hyper Adventure, Nissan says that the design is made particularly aerodynamic ‘by redirecting the air through the front spoiler’ and as a result of ‘glass that integrates the roof and side windows and the flush surface at the rear end’. 

Nissan also pointed out that the ‘front and rear bumpers are outfitted with crampons, or snow traction gears, to allow the car to drive through snowy areas with power and ease’.

The bold design attributes of the Nissan Hyper Adventure continue for the interior

The interior is no less interesting than the exterior, with an instrument panel that is connected to the bottom of the windscreen. 

Additional features include a rear bench space and automatic extendable and retractable steps.

Retractable steps are one of several innovative design elements for the Nissan Hyper Adventure

The Hyper-Adventure will be displayed digitally at the Japan Mobility Show which begins on October 25.

Until then, a special music video will be live streamed on the Nissan YouTube channel, within which Nissan will reveal further concept cars during the lead up to the show.  

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