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Toyota GR Corolla Morizo coming to Australia in May, 25 units only, $77K price


Two-seater version of the GR Corolla saves another 45 kg weight, but you’d be lucky to secure one of just 25 examples of the Morizo destined for Australia

The most hardcore version of the new Toyota GR Corolla hot hatch – the lighter-weight two-seater Morizo edition – has been confirmed for Australia.

Just 25 units of the Morizo edition have been allocated to the Australian market, and they are likely destined for Toyota’s most loyal performance car buyers.

The highly exclusive allocation of Morizo editions compares to the more generous serve of 700 GR Corolla GTS vehicles that will land in Australia between now and February 2024.

The Toyota GR Corolla Morizo edition

Priced at $77,800 before on-road costs, the Morizo is $15,500 more expensive than the $62,300 GR Corolla GTS model that is the de facto ‘entry point’ to the Australian line-up.

Some comfort equipment is removed from the Morizo to secure a 45 kg weight saving when compared to the GTS – the most notable being the rear seats, plus the satellite navigation, wireless device charger, parking sensors and even the rear windscreen wiper.

The tune of the GR Corolla’s G16 engine is also turned up to a higher wick for the Morizo. Power remains at 221kW (296 hp), but torque is increased by 8 percent to 400Nm (from 370Nm).

Power remains at 220kW, however torque lifts to 400Nm

As with the GTS model, the Morizo is only available with a six-speed-manual transmission and true four-wheel drive with a driver-selectable torque split, ranging from 30 percent front / 70 percent rear, to 50-50, to 60 percent front / 40 percent rear.

However, the Morizo benefits from an additional 3.3 metres of structural adhesive, plus a further two braces that add even more rigidity to this track special. The first and second gear ratios are revised, while turbo boost pressure is lifted to 182 kPa (from 174).

Plus, the Morizo has unique springs and further upgraded monotube dampers when compared to the GTS model, though it shares that car’s four-pot front brake callipers.

There are no rear seats in the Morizo edition, reducing weight

In November, Toyota distributed a buyer information form to its dealers that surveyed prospective GR Corolla buyers’ motorsport interests and car club membership history, with the intention to distribute the small number of cars to genuine fans.

However, Chasing Cars understands that dealers will have the final say about which buyers get an allocation of both the GR Corolla GTS and the vaunted Morizo edition.

Later, even more hardcore models of the GR Corolla could hypothetically surface – including a GRMN version to match the quickest Japan-market specification of the GR Yaris three-door hot hatch.

Inside the Toyota GR Corolla Morizo edition

Toyota GR Corolla 2023: Australian pricing

All prices are before on-road costs.

  • GR Corolla GTS: $62,300
  • GR Corolla Morizo: $77,800

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