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Subaru Impreza 2022: new hybrid and possible 1.5-litre turbo model due in November with XV likely to follow


A new-generation Subaru Impreza is said to be just months away and might feature a new hybrid engine and even level 3 autonomous driving capability

Subaru is set to unveil its sixth-generation Impreza small car this November with hybrid and potentially 1.5-litre turbocharged engine options – with the closely-related XV small SUV likely to follow.

Japanese outlet Best Car Web has reported the upcoming Impreza will be underpinned by an evolved second-generation of the Subaru Global Platform.

A new-generation Subaru Impreza is said to be making its debut in November

The exterior design will also be evolved to portray a sense of ‘strength’, suggesting a bolder design than the current Impreza which has been criticised by some pundits for its plain look.

While buyer preferences have shifted towards SUVs in the last few years, the new Impreza could aim to take some sales from the still very popular Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3 if it went on sale in Australia.

Hybrid and turbo engines available

Subaru is said to offer at least two drivetrains in the Impreza, including an evolved version of the ‘e-Boxer’, which currently appears in the XV in Australia.

This engine makes use of a 110kW/196Nm 2.0-litre flat-four coupled to a small 12.3kW/66Nm electric motor and offers a combined fuel consumption of 6.5L/100km in the XV – a marginal increase of just 0.5L/100km over the regular non-hybrid version. 

Subaru XV Hybrid 2020 eBoxer badge
A more fuel-efficient hybrid option is said to be on the way

The updated e-Boxer engine is said to have improved fuel efficiency and driving performance.

For the next generation, Subaru is also said to be working on a downsized version of the 1.8-litre turbocharged flat-four sold in the Japan-spec Levorg (sold in Australia as the WRX Sportswagon) thus creating a smaller 1.5-litre turbocharged engine. 

Level 3 autonomous driving

Subaru is also said to be hard at work developing its ‘EyeSight’ safety systems to be capable of ‘Level 3’ autonomous driving capabilities.

This level of automation goes beyond the capabilities of adaptive cruise control by taking into consideration more environmental factors around the car to make decisions such as overtaking slow traffic when needed.

Subaru XV Hybrid 2020 review mud
The unveiling of the closely-related Impreza will likely follow soon after the Impreza’s debut

Drivers will still need to be paying attention and alert while at the wheel but it could make the daily commute just that little bit easier.

When will the new Impreza and XV arrive?

The Japanese outlet said that November is the earliest time that the new Impreza would make its debut but the timing appears to be right on schedule considering that Subaru typically offers its productions in a five- to six-year period and the current-generation Impreza went on sale in 2016.

Chasing Cars also recently spoke to Subaru Australia general manager Blair Reid who indicated that a new Impreza was not far away.