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Subaru XV 2022: what’s in store for Subie’s smallest SUV in Australia this year


Subaru’s popular small SUV, the cladded-and-raised XV, could score powertrain, safety and trim upgrades in 2022

Along with updates to its Forester midsize SUV and Outback wagon models, Subaru will upgrade the XV small SUV in 2022 – though the brand remains tight-lipped about what specific changes we will see this year, and when.

Light updates to the XV’s petrol and hybrid engines, safety systems and even the introduction of a hardcore off-roading XV Wilderness trim remain on the cards for Australia, with the latter echoing a rugged new trim grade offered on the Outback and Forester in the US.

Let’s take a look at what we can expect from the Subaru XV in 2022.

The next Subaru XV could be more powerful and stronger than before

Bigger 2.5-litre engine a possibility for the XV

While the XV is currently powered in Australia by a naturally aspirated 2.0-litre engine – either as a standalone unit or in a petrol-electric hybrid configuration – the 2022 XV could see the larger 2.5-litre unit from the Outback fitted which would bring more power and torque to the current engine’s rather modest 115kW/196Nm

In the United States, the XV – where it is known as the Crosstrek – is offered with a 2.5-litre engine option producing a healthier 136kW (182 horsepower) and 239Nm of torque.

That means an Australian-spec XV with the 2.5-litre engine would be about 20 percent stronger than its existing 2.0-litre sibling.

Expect an updated interior and plenty of safety tech for the 2022 car

Other reports have mentioned that the XV could receive a smaller displacement turbocharged engine, potentially the 130kW/300Nm 1.8-litre turbo that does service in the Japanese-market Forester SUV, but nothing has been confirmed on this matter just yet. 

Is an updated XV hybrid on the cards?

Subaru has big plans to continue its hybrid powertrains for many of its existing models. 

The XV hybrid model currently uses the same setup as the Forester, pairing a 2.0-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine with a small electric motor. 

With Subaru promising to do much more in the hybrid space in the coming years, we can expect that the XV will likely receive a larger battery and potentially a second electric motor to take the pressure off the combustion engine – benefiting fuel economy and engine efficiency. 

What about an XV Wilderness Edition? 

With big-brother Forester receiving a raised, rugged Wilderness Edition trim level in the US market – and likely the Australian market soon, possibly under another name – it is possible that the XV will also receive the same treatment. 

So what is the Wilderness Edition and how will it change the current XV? We can expect to see the XV receiving a slightly lifted ride height thanks to a different suspension setup, along with a front skid plate for off-road protection. Other exterior items such as heavy-duty roof racks and all-terrain tyres will be added benefits of the Wilderness Edition. 

Inside, the interior will look slightly different from before with added copper coloured trims and water resistant seat material which would certainly come in handy for those who love going to the beach or doing water-based activities.