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Kia teases new-generation Niro Hybrid small SUV to take on Toyota C-HR


While the Kia Niro has only been on sale in Australia for just under a year, the time has come for its replacement and these teaser images hint at what’s in store

Kia has teased the next generation of the Niro small SUV that will be unveiled tomorrow.

The Niro will make its full debut at the Seoul Mobility Show on November 25 but Kia has already released a series of teaser images that provide an insight into the model’s future design and features.

While only recently making its Australian debut in May 2021, the Niro has been on sale in other markets since 2016, putting it on schedule for replacement due to Kia’s traditional vehicle lifecycle of five years.

Kia Niro Hybrid 2021 driving dirt
While still new to Australia the Niro has been around since 2016 and the time has come for it to be replaced

In 2018 a pure battery EV dubbed the e-Niro was launched to the world to headline the range with 455km WLTP range and silent operation.

When the new model arrives it will take on a slew of rivals such as the closely related Hyundai Kona along with the Mazda MX-30 and Toyota C-HR.

The Niro is one among few vehicles to offer self-charging, plug-in hybrid and fully-electric options, though this line-up could be streamlined for the next generation.

Kia Niro 2022 rear 3/4 teaser
The teaser images show the new Niro with bigger wheels and a more muscular shape than the previous generation

Design of the new Kia Niro

Kia’s designers have embarked on a new design direction called ‘Opposites Unite’ that has resulted in the more striking designs seen recently on the EV6, Sportage midsize SUV and the recent Concept EV9.

Similar styling elements from those cars can be seen on the new Niro with a hook-like set of LED daytime running lights with the main headlights seemingly hidden at this stage.

The headlight design is similar to the ‘HabaNiro Concept’ that was shown off in April 2019, though the design of the Niro seen here appears to be notably sleeker.

Kia HabaNiro Concept 2019
The new Niro is said to take cues from the HabaNiro Concept unveiled in 2019

Designers have opted for a more muscular shape than the previous Niro, starting with a bonnet that appears to have a slight bulge in the middle matched with a lower grey lip.

Little can be seen at the rear – apart from the vertical LED tail-lights and the roof rails. It remains to be seen if the huge alloy wheels make it to the production stage.

Inside the new Kia Niro 

Kia appears to be continuing its theme of offering a widescreen display as we’ve seen in the new Sportage, but unlike that model the Niro appears to offer a single panel instead of a dual slate display. 

Kia Niro 2022 interior teaser
The interior features a huge widescreen display and ambient lighting

The central screen appears bigger than the 10.0-inch item found in the current Niro, while the gauges look to transition from partial, to fully digital.

Physical buttons appear to sit further down, with a glowing ‘park’ button matched with glowing ambient lighting on the dash.

The obscured images tell us a little, but not a lot. We’ll get a better look at the Niro on Thursday this week so stay tuned to Chasing Cars.

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