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Jeep electric SUV 2023: Stellantis previews images of first battery-powered Jeep


Official images of the first-ever electric Jeep show a compact SUV that takes stylistic inspiration from the Jeep Compass and Cherokee

As part of a global press event called Dare Forward 2030, Stellantis – the company formed by the amalgamation of FiatChrysler and PeugeotCitroen – announced that the first battery electric Jeep model will go on sale in the USA in early 2023. 

At this stage, we don’t know whether it will be a completely new model or based on an existing car in the range, but close inspection of the images supplied by Stellantis suggest that the new electric Jeep will be a similar size to the Compass midsize SUV. 

It is also unconfirmed as to whether we will see this electric Jeep in Australia. 

Jeep electric SUV rear 3/4
The new Jeep looks like a small version of the Compass or Cherokee

The Jeep EV will be part of a greater plan by the corporation towards greater electrification, mobility and a reduced carbon footprint. Stellantis has promised to launch more than 100 vehicles between now and 2030. 

Jeep is just a small part of a bigger picture

As well as offering a new electric Jeep SUV, Stellantis will also launch several electric vehicles over the coming years.

Stellantis EV plan 2030
Plenty is in store for the Stellantis family of companies before 2030

The next car to be released will be the Ram ProMaster Van, followed closely by the Ram 1500 electric pick-up truck in 2024. Stellantis claims that the new Ram 1500 electric ute will beat all other dual-cab electric pick-ups in range, towing, payload and charge time.

Also on the cards for the Jeep brand will be the Wrangler EV in 2024, which is expected to produce around 212kW from a dual-motor set-up with a single long-range battery.

Jeep electric SUV front 3/4
This will be the first all-electric Jeep to go to market

Stellantis will also focus on electrifying both its van offerings and future performance cars. 

The electric performance car will be marketed under the Dodge brand and will likely be an electric version of the next-generation Challenger or Charger, due in 2024. 

Stellantis chief executive officer, Carlos Tavares, said that the performance EV “is just so brilliant it is shocking”.