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Hyundai i30 Sedan N 2022: 213kW, dual-clutch fighter could be N’s quickest car yet


Just as we welcome the facelifted i30 N to our shores in hatchback form, a sedan version has just been revealed and the changes go much further than just the boot.

Hyundai has globally unveiled the 2022 i30 Sedan N which it says marks a new level of capability for the N Performance brand.

Marking the fourth addition to the N Performance range alongside the i30 N hatch, i20 N hatch and Kona N small SUV, the i30 Sedan N will arrive in Australia in the fourth quarter of this year.

Hyundai i30 Sedan N 2022 rear 3/4
Hyundai has unveiled the i30 Sedan N which it says could be its fastest model yet

The i30 Sedan was previously known as the Elantra in Australia before it underwent a name change last year but still keeps its old title in other markets.

Taking the turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder from the i30 hatch, the sedan produces an identical 206kW of power and 392Nm of torque but features a few subtle changes.

When paired with the eight-speed wet-type dual-clutch, that power output can be boosted temporarily to 213kW, allowing it to accelerate from 0-100km/h in 5.3 seconds.

Hyundai i30 Sedan N 2022 pair
The i30 Sedan N can be had with either an eight-speed dual clutch or a six-speed manual

Like its hatchback sibling, the i30 Sedan N sends its power to the front wheels and will be offered with a six-speed manual for drivers who demand a bit more involvement.

When driving flat out Hyundai says the i30 Sedan N will top out at 250km/h, at which point buyers will likely be thankful for the spoiler and rear diffuser that provide some crucial downforce.

The outer appearance of the i30 Sedan N has been transformed into something slightly more aggressive and is seen here dressed in Hyundai’s Performance Blue with red touches as per tradition.

Hyundai i30 Sedan N 2022 boot
A chassis brace has been fitted in the boot which is great for rigidity but less so for practicality

Designers have visibly opened up the already large grille by matching the outer edges of body-coloured side pods in black to make it look even wider.

The side pods also play a crucial role in cooling the brakes, with small inserts either side directing air towards the 360mm front discs which are paired with high-friction brake pads.

Hyundai has replaced the polite twin exhaust system with a beefier system that straddles each side of the car. The pipes themselves have variable values to turn the noise up and down as needed and is currently exclusive to the i30 Sedan N.

Hyundai i30 Sedan N 2022 bonnet
Designers have visually opened up the grille by blacking out parts of the bumper for a more aggressive look

A cheeky detail buyers may spot in the boot is the additional chassis brace designed to provide increased structural rigidity, and while this is great it will also make it a lot harder to transport a table home from Ikea.

Despite the name, the i30 Sedan N doesn’t share a platform with the already quite capable i30 N and instead opts for the newer ‘K6’ platform. 

When Chasing Cars reviewed the i30 Sedan N-Line we found it was more settled and adjustable when on the limit than its hatchback brethren, but it remains to be seen how the pair will compare in their hottest forms.

Hyundai i30 Sedan N 2022 side
The i30 Sedan N sits on a newer platform than the hatchback version

Hyundai engineers have put significant effort into the cornering performance of the i30 Sedan N, which makes a number of firsts for the brand.

The i30 Sedan N is available as standard with an electronic limited slip differential and wears 19-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 245mm Pilot Sport 4S tyre –  a first for the maturing performance brand.

Tweaks have also been made to the suspension to offer a more balanced ride over bumps while reducing vibration and harshness that comes into the cabin.

While the engine is similar to that of the hatchback version, engineers have fitted an “integrated drive axle” which combines the drive shaft, wheel hub and bearing all in one to reduce weight by 1.7kg while actually increasing durability.

Hyundai i30 Sedan N 2022 interior
Buyers can choose between between two types of seats that Hyundai says are supportive and will hold occupants in place

Inside, Hyundai has fitted a set of front bucket seats that offers sticker bolsters to hold occupants in place while not compromising on lower back support.

Buyers wanting a bit more support can opt for the N light bucket seat which lowers the driver by 10mm and takes 50mm off the thickness and subsequently opening up the space in the back.

A full breakdown of the exact price and specs of the i30 Sedan N will be released closer to the launch in the fourth quarter of this year but expect it to be priced slightly higher than the i30 N hatch, which starts at $44,500 before on-road costs.

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