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Ford shows off the new Gen3 Supercars Mustang race car in Detroit!

John Law

Ford has debuted a new Supercars entrant based around the seventh-gen Mustang body that will meet the race series’ Gen3 regulations

Ford debuted its new-look Mustang Supercars race series entrant to media today at the 2022 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Along with the Australian-centric Supercars entrant, the American auto giant also confirmed its commitment to a range of motorsports with seventh-gen Mustang including NHRA drag racing.

Ford Mustang racecar lineup 2023
Ford’s commitment to motorsport continues with seventh-gen ‘Stang

As for circuit racing, Ford showed off images of GT4 and GT3 spec endurance competitors. Naturally, the one us Australians are most excited about is the new Supercars vehicle. 

The Supercars Mustang will look like the new-generation sports car, but it will not share many components with the roadgoing version. This is because strict new Supercars Gen3 regulations require the use of a bespoke control chassis and set suspension components.

One key element will be shared in part, though: the engine. The Mustang Supercar will use a production-based ‘Coyote’ V8 – though with 5.4-litres of displacement and 447kW – giving credence to high performance variants including the Dark Horse that will sit above the regular Mustang GT.

Racing is crucial to building the Mustang brand

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Ford Mustang in the Supercars championship

The Supercar series – formerly V8 Supercars – is an Australian racing series initially conceived for Australian big guns Ford and Holden to showcase the best of our local manufacturing. 

With the demise of the Ford Falcon in October 2016, the Supercars battled on with FGX Falcon bodies until 2019, when the Mustang body was introduced.

Mustang Supercars Championship
The new Gen3 Mustang Supercar looks more nautral

Things weren’t perfect with the Car Of The Future regulations – introduced in 2013 – designed around four-door sedans. This saw the Mustang Supercars take on a very different look to road cars with an awkwardly stretched roof. 

The latest set of Supercars regs have been created with existing manufacturers, and with the goal of enticing more brands with the coupe friendly dimensions. 

This should see the new Gen3-based Mustang Supercars entrant strike a much more faithful silhouette for the road car. 

Mustang Supercars Championship
Although the chassis is all race car, the Mustang Supercar’s engine is related to the road car’s Coyote

Under the new Supercar’s bonnet is a 5.4-litre V8 based around the Mustang’s ‘Coyote’ motor, though bored out and featuring a dry sump lubrication system. 

The Mustang Supercar’s engine is said to develop around 447kW as limited by regulations. That’s a stout 108kW more than a previous-gen Mustang road car, but 40kW down from current regulations. The lower power is offset by around 100kg less weight in Gen3 Supercars.