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Ford Mustang 2024: Australian release date for V8 coupe delayed


Once again, global production woes have pushed back the launch of a new car – this time it’s Ford’s iconic pony car

The new generation Ford Mustang sports car won’t arrive in Australia until the first quarter of 2024, six months later than planned.

The new S650 Mustang was set to arrive in the third quarter of 2023 (between July and September), but global production delays mean bad news for those awaiting their pony car.

Ford Mustang 2023 red and silver duo
Ford Mustang 2023 red and silver duo

A spokesperson for Ford Australia told Chasing Cars “Production for Australia-bound Mustangs is set to begin by later this year.” 

“Due to significant shipping time between the plant in Flat Rock, Michigan and Australia, we expect first arrivals in Q1, 2024.”

Despite supply issues for the current generation Mustang – order books were closed last year due to overwhelming demand – the fast Ford is consistently Australia’s best-selling sports car. 

Ford Mustang 2023 silver front 3/4
The recent delay has pushed back the launch by six whole months

Monthly deliveries have dropped due to poor supply, but a Ford Australia spokesman said: “Dealers are absolutely delivering Mustangs; it’s still the number one sports car in the country each month. But supply has been constrained for some time.” 

What about buyers with a Mustang on order?

Ford dealers have contacted customers with orders to give them the opportunity to convert to the new model if they wish.

This despite no announcement on new Mustang pricing or specification for Australia, although such details are expected in a matter of weeks.

The current-generation Mustang has been a hit with Aussies

Current Mustang prices – not that you can order one – are from $52,590 for the 2.3-litre four-cylinder, and from $65,290 for the proper one, the GT 5.0-litre V8.

Prices for the new generation are certain to be higher, with a starting price around $60,000 likely, judging by price hikes seen in the US.

The Ford Australia spokesman said there would be a transitional period as the new model comes online and the current generation ceases production at the Michigan plant.

“As the plant re-tools for the new model, supply of the existing model will taper off,” he said. “We wouldn’t want a period where there’s no supply at all, but right now it’s not going to be a make or break. Sales numbers, right now, aren’t massive.” 

Subaru BRZ Coupe S front 3/4 2022
The Subaru BRZ is the second most popular sports car on sale

While the Subaru BRZ currently challenges Mustang as Australia’s best-selling sports car (647 Ford deliveries versus the Subaru’s 566), once the new generation arrives – and if supply keeps up – sales of the pony car are sure to skyrocket.

“The new model’s had really strong pre-launch interest from customer enquiries through dealers,” the Ford spokesman said.

What can we expect from the new Mustang?

Like the outgoing model, the new S650 Mustang will use Ford’s turbocharged 2.3-litre EcoBoost four-cylinder, now mated only to an auto gearbox, as the entry-level.

Ford Mustang 2023 grey with wing
The legendary combination of a manual transmission and a V8 will return

Over old, it gains 5kWs to realise 235kW and 474Nm.

Proper drivers will gravitate to the naturally-aspirated 5.0-litre V8 – still blessedly offered with a manual gearbox – which has a 22kW/7Nm bump over old, now delivering 358kW and 562Nm.

If Australian Mustang V8s come with Ford’s variable exhaust system as standard, expect those numbers to climb to 362kW/566Nm.