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Toyota HiLux 2021: Australia’s best selling vehicle gets connected features and a price bump

John Law

The Toyota HiLux is a stalwart among Australia’s best-selling vehicles and the marque has decided to build upon its appeal with additional features.

The 2021 Toyota HiLux has come in for some running equipment tweaks including the addition of connected services.

Along with some extra equipment, there are price fluctuations across the board with the range-topping Rogue‘s price up $1,210 to $70,200 before on-road costs.

2020 Toyota HiLux Rogue front
The HiLux Rogue gets a terrain monitor and noticeable price bump.

The Toyota HiLux is already one of the more expensive light commercial vehicles with rivals like the Mitsubishi Triton and GWM Cannon offering much lower prices. That said, Toyota’s brand recognition is certainly working for the HiLux in the sales charts.

At the opposite end of the HiLux spectrum, the Workmate 4×2 Cab Chassis with the 2.4-litre diesel is now priced from $29,465 (plus ORCs), a more workable increase of $635.

That $635 jump is consistent across most of the range, a full price list appears at the end of this article.

2020 Toyota Hilux 2
The rest of the HiLux range benefits from connected services as standard.

To justify the extra asking price, Toyota has added connected services across the HiLux range. In the event of a collision or airbag deployment, the HiLux will send an alert to Toyota. 

The connected services can also be used to track a vehicle reported as stolen. Additionally, Toyota has added a manual SOS button inside the cabin for emergencies.

Toyota has ditched the extendable aerial on lower grade HiLux models and replaced it with a lower profile ‘sharkfin’ antenna. 

2020 Toyota Hilux SR+
Meanwhile, the SR5 gets the added nicety of dual-zone climate control.

Meanwhile, all HiLux SR5 models get dual-zone climate control as standard to justify the larger $760 price jump. Finally, the upmarket HiLux Rogue now gets a 360-degree terrain view monitor.

Toyota continues to offer HiLuxes with three engine choices. The most common is the 2.8L turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine with 150kW/500Nm

There’s also a 2.4L diesel available on certain SR and Workmate grades with 110kW/400Nm and a 2.7L 122kW/245Nm petrol engine on the base model.

2020 Toyota Hilux Workmate
And the base model HiLux ditches its aerial for a low-profile ‘sharkfin’ item.

Buyers are also able to choose between manual or automatic transmissions as well as 4×2 or 4×4 across most models. The updated Toyota HiLux range is available now. 

Toyota HiLux Ute 2021: pricing in Australia

Prices listed are before on-road costs.

Dual Cab 4×4

  • Rugged X AT – $70,750 (up $760)
  • Rogue AT – $70,200 (up $1,210)
  • SR5 AT – $60,680 (up $760)
  • SR5 MT – $58,680 (up $760)
  • SR AT – $52,795 (up $635)
  • SR MT – $59,645 (up $635)
  • Workmate AT – $49,925 (up $635)
  • Workmate MT – $47,425 (up $635)

Dual Cab 4×2

  • SR5 Hi-Rider AT – $54,450 (up $760)
  • SR Hi-Rider AT– $45,865 (up $635)
  • SR Hi-Rider MT– $43,865 (up $635)
  • Workmate Hi-Rider AT – $42,795 (up $635)
  • Workmate Hi-Rider MT – $40,795 (up $635)
  • Workmate AT – $35,705 (up $635)
  • Workmate AT – $33,705 (up $635)

Extra Cab 4×4

  • SR5 AT – $59,160 (up $760)

Extra Cab 4×2

  • SR Hi-Rider MT– $44,845 (up $635)

Single Cab 4×4

  • SR AT – $45,225 (up $635)
  • SR MT – $43,225 (up $635)
  • Workmate MT – $40,155 (up $635)

Single Cab 4×2

  • Workmate Hi-Rider AT – $29,465 (up $635)
  • Workmate AT – $26,225 (up $635)
  • Workmate MT – $24,225 (up $635)