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Toyota Hilux 2024: Australian pricing and specifications


For 2024, the Hilux gains new V-Active 48-volt hybrid assistance on selected variants, with pricing starting from $40,965 for 4×4 grades 

Toyota Australia’s 2024 Hilux has arrived, with the headliner being that some ute grades are now available with 48-volt electric assistance. 

SR, SR5 and Rogue are all now available with the new hybrid technology, with pricing up between $590 and $1605 depending on which variant is selected.

Pricing starts at $40,965 if you’re after a 4×4 Hilux, and will get as steep as $74,310 before on-road costs for the flagship GR Sport variant. 

The 2024 Toyota Hilux SR5

The other good news is that Toyota will continue to sell a manual transmission for many of its range variants, including in 4×2 spec. Even an SR5 dual-cab will retain a manual option. 

Toyota Australia has confirmed the updated Hilux is now on sale in Australia.

What’s changed for Hilux in 2024?

The biggest addition to Hilux this year is the use of what Toyota calls V-Active technology, or essentially a 48-volt system to supplement the existing 2.8-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine. 

The V-Active 48-volt system is now available for the Hilux range

Included with this system is a motor generator, a 48-volt battery, and a DC to DC converter.

Toyota claims that this new hybrid system is capable of reducing fuel consumption by as much as 10 percent compared to non-hybrid-assist 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engines. This is largely due to a new stop-start system for the engine. 

Idle speed has been reduced from 720rpm to just 600rpm, as well as the ability to switch the engine off for longer when sitting at traffic lights, for instance, even with the air conditioning running. 

Braking energy is also recovered by the motor generator while braking, and, while accelerating, can provide some power assistance “to increase responsiveness and make acceleration smoother”. 

This is the 2024 Toyota HiLux SR

Other than the highlighted hybrid technology, the Hilux has also received a front-end refresh (with the exception of workmate and SR single-cab and petrol variants) with new bumpers and a honeycomb mesh grille. 

At the rear of the vehicle, Workmate, SR, SR5 and GR Sport get a gloss black rear bumper, while SR5 grades get dark finished LED headlights, gloss black mirror caps and door handles. 

The double cab versions of the SR5 also gain a wireless charger, usch as the Rogue and GR Sport, along with two new rear USB-C ports.  

The Toyota Hilux is now available with 48-volt electric assistance on some grades

Toyota Hilux 4×4 2024: prices in Australia

All prices listed are before on-road costs.

  • Workmate single-cab chassis manual: $40,965
  • Workmate extra-cab chassis auto: $46,665
  • Workmate double-cab chassis auto: $48,735
  • Workmate double-cab pickup manual: $48,420
  • Workmate double-cab pickup auto: $50,420
  • SR single cab chassis manual: $44,035
  • SR single cab chassis auto: $46,035
  • SR extra cab chassis auto: $50,695
  • SR double-cab chassis manual: $50,995
  • SR double-cab chassis auto: $53,105
  • SR double-cab chassis 48-volt: $54,130 (+$1025)  (NEW)
  • SR double-cab pickup manual: $52,640
  • SR double-cab pickup auto: $55,190
  • SR double-cab pickup 48-volt: $56,210 (+$1605) (NEW)
  • SR5 extra-cab pickup auto: $60,250
  • SR5 double-cab chassis 48-volt: $60,850 (+$590) (NEW)
  • SR5 double-cab pickup manual: $60,670
  • SR5 double-cab pickup 48-volt auto: $63,260 (+$770) (NEW)
  • Rogue double-cab pickup 48-volt auto: $71,530 (+$770) (NEW)
  • GR Sport double-cab pickup auto: $74,310