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What Chasing Cars can’t wait to drive in 2024


We’re very excited for this year in motoring, with many important new cars set to launch over the next 12 months

While 2023 was a whirlwind of a year and very busy with new car launches, 2024 is shaping up to be much the same, if not even bigger than before. 

From new electric SUVs and sports cars to off-road-focused four-wheel drives, there is expected to be around 150 new cars or variants launching this year. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the cars we’re most excited about driving in Australia during 2024. 

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N 2024 Iain track 3
The upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 5 N performance EV

You can learn more about the year ahead in Australian motoring with our extensive 2024  new car calendar guide

Ford Mustang S650

2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse red front 3/4 static 2
We’ve very briefly driven the new Mustang Dark Horse on US soil

Although we’ve briefly driven the new S650 Mustang in the US, we can’t wait to see what the new generation muscle car is like on Aussie roads. It’ll still be available with a manual transmission and will feature a new electric hand brake for sideways antics. 

One thing we can’t wait to try: the beefy, aggressively-styled Dark Horse V8 

Pricing: $64,990 – $103,002

Power and torque: V8 now puts out 347kW/550Nm, four-pot produces 232kW/475Nm

When is it coming? First quarter 2024 

BYD Dolphin Sport

2023 BYD Dolphin Sport front 3/4
The BYD Dolphin Sport promises a new look and more electric power

BYD’s Dolphin has already launched in Australia, yet it hasn’t pulled out its greatest party trick: a sportier version called, well, the Sport. Expect wild styling and more power from the electric motors. 

One thing we can’t wait to try: enjoying the wide-body stance and greater electric punch from BYD’s smallest electric car in Australia

Pricing: $49,990

Power and torque: TBC

When is it coming? First quarter, 2024 

GWM Tank 500

2023 GWM Tank 500 front 3/4 on the road driving
The GWM Tank 500 is very likely to be a key Prado rival

The model that could beat the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, the future GWM Tank 500 is set to potentially undercut the Prado on price whilst also delivering plenty of punch and standard kit for the money. 

One thing we can’t wait to try: experiencing the thrust of the 500’s hybrid V6 engine on and off road, but can it outperform the Prado?

Pricing: $70,000 – $85,000 (est.) 

Power and torque: 260kW/500Nm (petrol)

When is it coming? First quarter, 2024 

Mercedes-AMG C63 hybrid 

We are very interested to see how the new C63 drives in 2024

One of the most hotly anticipated models for 2024 will be the new-generation C63 that has had its V8 heart removed and replaced by a hybrid turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Can it live up to the hype? or will we miss the V8 rumble the model has been well loved for over the years?

One thing we can’t wait to try: working out how the complex hybrid drivetrain works, and whether or not overall performance is affected with a low battery 

Pricing: $187,900 

Power and torque: 500kW/1020Nm

When is it coming? January 2024 

Subaru Solterra

Subaru Solterra 2024 front 3/4 driving
Subaru’s BZ4X twin, the Solterra, is due in Australia shortly

The world has been talking about the Solterra for quite some time now (along with its Toyota twin, the BZ4X), but we are looking forward to experiencing how the Subaru-developed dual-motor all-wheel drive works out in the real world.

One thing we can’t wait to try: tackling the first off-road trail in typical Subaru fashion

Pricing: $77,990 – $83,690

Power and torque: 160kW/337Nm

When is it coming? First quarter, 2024 

Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra Limited 2024 front 3/4
The Toyota Tundra will go up against the Ford F-150 in Australia, just like it does in the USA

Toyota’s large size pickup truck has got a lot of Australians interested, ever since the introduction of models such as the Ram 1500 and the Ford F-150. The Tundra will use a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged petrol V6 engine and is currently undergoing an evaluation program with selected customers. We are very much looking forward to driving one in the flesh. 

One thing we can’t wait to try: experiencing the wide cabin environment of a large-size American pickup truck and the I-Force Max hybrid powertrain

Pricing: $TBC

Power and torque: 326kW/790Nm

When is it coming? First quarter, 2024 

Volkswagen Touareg R

We’ve waited and waited for the R, but on paper it looks the goods

Volkswagen’s long overdue, yet first-ever performance hybrid SUV is set to be the star of the show when it launches in 2024. Using a hybridised 3.0-litre petrol V6 engine assisted by a 100kW/400Nm electric motor, the Touareg R will surely be as much of a beast in real life as what it looks on paper. 

One thing we can’t wait to try: listening to the exhaust note of the Touareg R at full send 

Pricing: $129,990 

Power and torque: 340kW/700Nm

When is it coming? Second quarter, 2024 

Mini Cooper Electric 

2023 Mini Cooper EV front 3/4 static
We went to Munich in 2023 to check out the new Mini, but didn’t get a chance to drive it

In September 2023, we went to Munich to have the very first look at the next generation of Mini Cooper Electric, and we were only disappointed by the fact we didn’t get to actually drive it! The new model promises greater electric driving range, a revamped interior and brand-new technologies. 

One thing we can’t wait to try: The new circular OLED screen that is arguably the centrepiece of the hatch’s interior

Pricing: $TBC, estimated around the $55,000 – $65,000 mark 

Power and torque: 135kW/290Nm 

When is it coming? Third quarter, 2024 

BYD ute 

2023 BYD ute prototype side angle on road
A spy shot of the upcoming BYD ute, which will launch as a hybrid initially

BYD is promising to bring a serious capable ute to market this year, with its target set firmly on the likes of the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger

One thing we can’t wait to try: BYD’s new plug-in hybrid system, although the 2025/2026 full-force all-electric ute will be a very interesting thing

Pricing: $TBC, could be very competitive in typical BYD style 

Power and torque: Unconfirmed, however could be around 150kW/500Nm to target other utes in the popular segment 

When is it coming? Sometime in 2024 

Polestar 3 

2024 Polestar 3 front 3/4 static sand
The Polestar 3 aims to be a serious competitor for the BMW IX

What we think is one of the nicest-looking small SUVs is soon to be launched locally, with a long-range dual-motor configuration confirmed. It’ll compete with other electric SUVs such as the BMW iX and the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV

One thing we can’t wait to try: Checking out the new adaptive air suspension, as well as new LIDAR technology which will be available in an options pack for buyers

Pricing: $132,900

Power and torque: 360kW/840Nm

When is it coming? Second quarter, 2024 

Cadillac Lyriq 

Cadillac Escalade IQ 2024 front
Cadillac is coming to Australia!

Exciting times are ahead for Cadillac as it re-enters the Australian market for the first time since 1969. It’s first model will be the Lyriq SUV.

One thing we can’t wait to try: Driving a right-hand-drive Cadillac on Australian soil for the first time in a very long time, can the Lyriq stand up against luxury European competitors?

Pricing: $TBC, estimated at over $100k before on-road costs 

Power and torque: 382kW/610Nm

When is it coming? Fourth quarter, 2024 

MG Cyberster 

2023 MG Cyberster front 3/4 static red
Expect a $100k price tag for the upcoming MG Cyberster

MG is coming back to sports car land – an area of motoring it used to be known for – with the new Cyberster electric sports car. MG has confirmed it is coming to Australia, however pricing is yet to be locked in for Australia. Expect the model to undercut one of its biggest luxury rivals, the future Porsche Cayman/Boxster electric duo

One thing we can’t wait to try: Scissor doors might seem a little tacky, but will likely make you feel a little special, 400kW thrust with the top down on a nice mountain road

Pricing: $125,000 (est.)

Power and torque: Up to 400kW
When is it coming? Late 2024

Chasing more Mercedes-AMG?

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